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TI HiRel is your source for High-Reliability Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Analog & Mixed Signal, Logic, Interface, FIFO, and PAL solutions for military electronic, avionic, high temp, and space applications.

Space Guide

Get an overview of TI HiRel's extensive QML Class V product family, including radiation tolerant products.

Download (PDF, 1.25MB)

TI Bare Die Solutions

Texas Instruments offers bare die solutions for applications that require higher levels of integration to reduce board space.

Download (PDF, 493KB)

Enhanced Products (EP) Guide

TI's Enhanced Products (EP) line offerings can benefit Avionic, Defense, Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial designers with high reliability products and long service life requirements.

Download (PDF, 2MB)

Extended Temperature Guide

TI's Extended Temperature Guide offers a wide range of qualification options for industrial customers whose application must work in harsh environments.

Download (PDF, 819KB)


Avionics Guide

TI's Avionics Guide features key device details and selection tables for a variety of military, aerospace and avionics applications. TI's portfolio is certified to the Aerospace Qualified Electronic component (AQEC) standard.

Download (PDF, 985KB)

High Temperature Guide

TI's new High Temperature Guide features key device details and selection tables for a variety of applications that function outside the typical temperature ranges by offering -55°C to +210°C operation.

Download (PDF, 604KB)

Defense Guide

View HiRel's broad selection of technology, foundry services, components, advanced packaging and support for specific requirements where reliability, qualification, and baseline control are critical.

Download (PDF, 2MB)


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