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Overview for CAN Bus Transceivers

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a robust multi master-master, differential signaling, serial communications bus specified by the ISO 11898 family of standards. TI's industry-leading transceivers solve specialized networking requirements for various applications and power supply systems, providing solutions for 5 Volt and 3 Volt operation as well as CAN FD (Flexible Data rates); simplifying complex CAN bus networked systems. TI CAN transceivers also support higher layer protocols such as CANopen (EN 50325-4), DeviceNet, SAEJ1939, ISO11783, and many others.

Broad Portfolio

  • Wide variety of parts
  • Multiple operating voltages
  • Automotive and industrial grades
  • Multiple packages
See broad portfolio
3.3 Volt CAN Bus

  • Single 3 Volt operating voltage
  • Low voltage alternative to 5 Volt transceivers
  • Interoperable with 5 Volt mixed networks
  • Industry's first 3.3V CAN transceiver
See 3.3 Volt CAN bus
Automotive CAN Bus

  • Designed for automotive applications
  • Q100 qualified CAN transceivers
  • Multiple power modes
See automotive CAN bus
Industrial CAN Bus

  • Rugged CAN bus transceivers
  • Optimized loop times
  • Autobaud loopback mode
See industrial CAN bus
Isolated CAN Bus

  • Industry's first Isolated CAN transceiver
  • A specialized CAN bus transceiver
  • Offers integrated galvanic isolation
  • Perfect for harsh environments with limited board space and improved reliability
See isolated CAN bus
Flexible Data Rate CAN Bus

  • Bit rates in excess of 1Mbps
  • Separate bit rates for arbitration and data
  • Extended data fields
See flexible data rate CAN bus