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Dual-supply voltage level shifters are the ideal solution for bidirectional level translation. These devices have two separate VCC supplies, one for each port (VCCA and VCCB), which gives them flexibilty to operate in mixed-mode applications. These dual-supply devices allow for bidirectional level translation between different voltage nodes from 1.2V to 3.6V and 1.65V to 5.5V.

For more information, see the Voltage Level Translation Overview, which includes a Selection Tool, Literature, a Cross Reference, and Videos.

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LSF0108 : Octal Bidirectional Multi-Voltage Level Translator

LSF0102 : Dual Bidirectional Multi-Voltage Level Translator

LSF0101 : Single Bi-Directional Multi-Voltage Level Translator

Technical Documents   

  • A Guide to Voltage Translation With TXS-Type Translators (scea044.HTM, 9 KB)
    29 Jun 2010 Abstract
  • A Guide to Voltage Translation With TXB-Type Translators (scea043.HTM, 9 KB)
    03 Mar 2010 Abstract