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Bridges and Transceivers Overview

Consumer and automotive-qualified solutions supporting up to 2K resolution


Low-power devices convert video stream data from CSI or DSI processor outputs to LVDS or eDP display panels, offering up to 2K resolution with a small footprint.

DVI Transceivers

End-to-end TMDS DVI video solutions transmit and receive data with or without integrated HDCP. Consumer and automotive-qualified devices support resolutions up to 1080p.

Automotive DSI Bridges

Industry’s first AEC-Q100 qualified MIPI DSI to LVDS bridges with up to 2K resolution.

Featured products


Automotive Single-Channel MIPI® DSI to Single-Link LVDS Bridge


TFP401A 165 MHz PanelBus™ TMDS DVI Receiver/De-Serializer with HSYNC


Dual-Channel MIPI® DSI to Embedded DisplayPort™ (eDP) Bridge

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DSI Tuner

DSI Tuner

Generate video timing and register values with this online tool.

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Online support

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TI’s portfolio of MIPI CSI and MIPI DSI bridges includes a MIPI CSI-1 to LVDS bridge and MIPI DSI D-PHY to LVDS and eDP bridges for a variety of personal electronics, medical and industrial applications as well as Automotive AEC-Q100 MIPI DSI bridges. TI’s MIPI DSI devices support 18-bpp RGB666 and 24-bpp RGB888 up to 1 Gbps per lane and the TMDS DVI transceivers support pixel rates up to 165 MHz, enabling resolutions up to 1080p.