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Overview for USB Type-C and Power Delivery

As a founding member of the USB Implementers Forum, TI has a 20 year history of releasing high-performance USB-compliant products. Leveraging that experience, TI offers the industry’s most complete portfolio of USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery (PD) compliant products in the form of solutions which simplify your design process and get your products to market fast.

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From Standard Type-C, to fully-featured, select the right IC for your design.

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Discover the right products for your next USB Type-C system with this helpful map of the implementation of different data and power roles.

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Companion products

Non-isolated DC/DC

Use industry-leading DC/DC solutions from TI to complete your USB Type-C and Power Delivery design with optimal performance.

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Offline AC/DC

With more than 30 years of power supply expertise, TI has a breadth of Offline AC/DC products enabling you to design power dense USB Type-C adapters.

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Circuit Protection

Protect your system against short-to-Vbus and ESD events while maintaining signal integrity using TI integrated circuit protection, ideal for USB Type-C.

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For high current USB Type-C VBUS protection, TI provides external Power MOSFETs, including single FETs, dual common-drain, and dual common-source configurations.

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Featured new products

TI's new products continue to set the bar higher for great system performance and reliability. Order the products below together for a complete USB Type-C solution, compliant to the latest standards.



USB Type-C™ ALT Mode, 10 Gbps Linear Redriver



USB Type-C™ Port Protector: Short-to-VBUS Overvoltage and 8-channel ESD Protection



USB Type-C™ and PD Controller with integrated power path and high-speed mux

Order the full USB Type-C and PD 3.0 ecosystem

Design Type-C electronics with the best signal quality and reliable circuit protection using the TPS65983B, TUSB1046 and TPD8S300 together in your next design.

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Featured TI designs

The USB Type-C standard is rapidly expanding into a diverse range of products starting with personal electronics systems such as docking stations and peripherals, chargers, adaptors, power banks, and more. Quickly and easily develop your Type-C system now, using a TI reference design.

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