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With today's market demanding sustained 5-V operation and increased support at 3.3-V and 1.8-V VCC levels, TI's Little Logic product portfolio continues to grow faster and smaller than ever before. Along with this increase in product family technologies, next-generation wafer chip scale packaging (WCSP) has been introduced to meet the space-constrained applications of portable consumer electronics.

For more information, see the Little Logic Overview.

SN74LV4T125 : Single Power Supply Quadruple Buffer GATE w/ 3-State Output CMOS Logic Level Shifter

SN74AHC1G126-EP : Single Bus Buffer Gate With 3-State Output, SN74AHC1G126-EP

SN74LV1T125 : Single Power Supply, Single BUFFER GATE w/ 3-State Output (active low enable)

  • LV1T Family of single supply translators (scea047.HTM, 8 KB)
    21 Nov 2013 Abstract
  • 3Q 2012 Issue Analog Applications Journal (slyt477.PDF, 4.36 MB)
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