Overview for F28M3x MCUs


F28M3x dual-subsystem microcontrollers enable connectivity without compromise

The F28M3x series of microcontrollers brings together connectivity and control by combining an ARM Cortex-M3™ core with the C28x core on to one device. With F28M3x, applications such as solar inverters and industrial control can keep the benefits of separating the communication and control portions while maintaining a single-chip solution. In addition, F28M3x microcontrollers enable safety certifications in your system via enhanced hardware and safety features.

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Key Features

C28x (up to 150MHz) optimized for:
  • Real-time control (15+ years, DSP heritage)
  • Sensing & DSP filtering and processing
  • Firmware programmable PLM solutions (VCU)
  • Digital power independent multi-loop control
  • Motor Control and Power Monitoring
  • Industry-leading control peripherals

F28M3x (up to 100MHz) optimized for:

  • Host communications: Ethernet, USB, CAN, UART, SPI, I2C
  • Scheduling
  • O/S

Block Diagram

F28M3x Series Available to Sample

  • No compromise between communication and control
  • Enable safety certifications
  • Lower system cost with integration
  • Scalable performance, selectable math and control enhancements
  • Single IDE built in functionality with dual subsystem debugging and programming
  • Multi OS Support
  • Simple, quick, and secure communication between subsystems


F28M3x Microcontrollers

Device SeriesDescriptionMemoryCommunicationPackages
F28M35Hx 150 / 75 or 100 / 100 Up to 1MB Flash, 132KB RAM Ethernet, USB (OTG), SPI, SCI, CAN, I2C, McBSP $11.76
F28M35Mx 75 / 75 Up to 1MB Flash, 132KB RAM Ethernet, USB (OTG), SPI, SCI, CAN, I2C, McBSP $9.12
F28M35Ex 60 / 60 Up to 1MB Flash, 132KB RAM Ethernet, USB (OTG), SPI, SCI, CAN, I2C, McBSP $6.71
F28M36Px 150/75 or 125/125 Up to 1.5MB Flash, 232KB RAM Ethernet, USB (OTG), SPI, SCI, CAN, I2C, McBSP $15.65

F28M3x Brochure

Learn about F28M3x devices, including features and applications.


Training Series

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Control + Automation microcontrollers bring the power of control, application management and connectivity to industrial applications. This microcontroller platform features the TM4x platform, which is brings together the ARM Cortex M4F with compelling connectivity and communication peripherals and the C28x + ARM core, which provides an architecture capable to handling control loops, host management and communication tasks efficiently. Control + Automation microcontrollers are enabling many end equipments such as HMI, automation & process control, high-end digital power, high -end solar inverters and much more.