C2000 32-bit microcontrollers

32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) optimized for processing, sensing, and actuation to improve closed loop performance.

C2000 microcontroller products

High performance closed loop applications.

Broad closed loop applications.

Advanced motor control technology on-chip.

Dependable industrial closed loop control.

Built for real-time control

Sense feedback, process the response, and actuate control systems with minimal latency.

Real-time, closed loop control of power electronics applications with a microcontroller

Control multiple, independent control loops with the CLA co-processor available on C2000 microcontrollers

Powerful processing

More performance per MHz and unique acceleration let you do more than the average MCU.

  • 32-bit C28x DSP processes complex control theory operations in single cycles, providing more performance per MHz than typical MCUs
  • CLA Real-time Coprocessor doubles processing capacity. Independently control multiple motors, power stages, and more.
  • Accelerators reduce latency of control and signal processing algorithms, such as trigonometric math, FFTs, and complex math.

Advanced actuation

Operate efficiently, increase performance, and implement advanced control techniques.

  • Micro Edge Positioning technology creates precise PWM waveforms to increase system performance.
  • Technology-packed PWM modules support advanced timing and generation techniques to control complex power stages.
  • PWM trip logic provides reactive and asynchronous system protection with included high performance analog sensing circuitry.

Improve closed loop control accuracy by over 100x with C2000 microcontroller high resolution pulse width modulation (PWM) technology

Analog to digital (ADC) converters on C2000 microcontrollers reach speeds up to 12.5 MSPS, enabling greater closed loop control performance

Precision sensing

Maximize feedback reactivity and accuracy

  • Accurately sample signals with 12-bit and 16-bit Analog to Digital (ADC) converters
  • Increase operating frequencies with ADC conversion rates up to 12.5 mega samples per second (MSPS)
  • Real-time system protection with responsive analog comparators — 50ns pin-to-pin response time
  • Interface with high performance external sensors using C2000 MCU high resolution captures


Piccolo and Delfino MCU families offer code security techniques to protect software intellectual property during development, production, and field service.

  • Code security module using user configured password
  • Configuration of secure memory zones
  • Execute only restrictions
  • Block debug access to the CPU registers
  • Disable emulation connections during secure memory execution

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The C2000 Microcontroller family includes Piccolo and Delfino MCU series for all closed loop system needs

Expansive portfolio

Piccolo and Delfino MCU families address wide-ranging real-time control applications.

  • Price points from entry to top performance
  • Application-tuned feature-sets
  • Integrated flash memory sizes from 16 KB to 1 MB
  • Temperature ranges from –40°C to 125°C and AEC-Q100 qualification
  • Wide array of package options

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C2000 Real-time MCU control product brochure

Application solutions

C2000 MCU portfolio provides a wealth of application-specific software and hardware resources to ease design and maximize performance.

  • Revolutionary software technologies, such as InstaSPIN software for motor control, powerSUITE for power converter design and DesignDRIVE technology for industrial drives & automation.
  • Real-world hardware reference designs and application development platforms for motor control, solar, digital power, automotive, LED lighting, power line communications, and more.
  • Cutting-edge application technical guides
  • On-demand device and application training

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Application-specific software and hardware solutions for C2000 microcontrollers simplify closed loop application design

What’s new in C2000 real-time MCU control

New Delfino F28377S LaunchPad

Delfino LaunchPad

High performance development just got cheaper with the new Delfino F28377S LaunchPad


InstaSPIN motor control solutions

InstaSPIN enables better development time and energy efficiency of motor control applications.

Learn  Buck DC DC power converter design with the Digital Power Buck Converter BoosterPack

Digital power BoosterPack

Learn how to design a buck converter using the low cost digital power BoosterPack.

New C2000 TMS320F2807x microcontrollers bring advanced performance and integration for industrial control systems

DesignDRIVE Kit

Single platform to evaluate numerous drive subsystems and control topologies; supports various motor types, sensing technologies, and encoder standards.


C2000 real-time MCU control videos

C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers bring the power of a digital signal processor into a microcontroller architecture. These differentiated solutions are designed for developers looking to solve tough control loop tasks without compromising on performance. Based on the industry recognized C28x CPU, C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers enable easy scalability between the Piccolo low-cost platform and the Delfino high-performance devices while making minimal changes to your software. C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers are differentiating control-based applications such as digital power, industrial drives, solar inverters, appliances, automotive and much more.