Tools & software for Performance MCUs

Kits & Evaluation Modules for Performance Microcontrollers

Performance microcontrollers offer a variety of hardware platforms to speed development using Performance Microcontrollers. From full-featured application developer platforms for solar, motor control, lighting, and digital power, Performance MCUs provide a breadth of hardware development tools designed to aid development get customers to market faster.

Application Kits

Application kits provide full reference and learning platforms for key application spaces including motor control, digital power, solar, LED lighting and power line communications (PLC). Designed for the engineer with a working knowledge of the application and who wants to learn how a C28x-based microcontroller can improve the target application. Application kits include a user’s guide and software support such as projects, hardware development packages and more can be found in controlSUITE™ software.

MCU LaunchPad Kits

The Performance MCU LaunchPad Evaluation Kits are a great introduction to Performance microcontrollers. They feature everything you need to start developing new applications! Blink LEDs, spin motors and sense data within minutes!

C2000 LaunchPad & Boosterpacks


controlCARDs for Performance devices put the microcontroller and all necessary support devices in a standard, pin-compatible DIM-socket daughter card. With a common plug-in compatible interface, controlCARDs allow users to quickly experiment with various Performance MCUs in our application development kits simply by plugging in a new controlCARD.

Performance controlCARDs

Experimenter Kits

Experimenter Kits for Performance MCUs feature a controlCARD-compatible docking station which gives access to most controlCARD pins while providing a prototyping platform for Performance microcontrollers.

C28x Piccolo™ Series controlCARDS Evaluation Kits

Peripheral Explorer Kits

Peripheral Explorer kits enable Performance MCU users and university students to easily learn how to use all of the advanced peripherals on a Performance microcontroller. controlCARD compatible, these kits feature on-board hardware and software example projects specifically for experimentation with the peripherals found on Performance MCUs.

C28x Piccolo™ Series controlCARDS Evaluation Kits


C2000 Real-time Control JTAG Emulators

Most C2000 Real-time Control kits ship with an on-board XDS100 USB JTAG emulator; however, several third parties also offer a variety of JTAG emulators, including low cost options. For targets that will control high-current or high-voltage appliances, it is recommended to use a galvanically isolated emulator to prevent damage to the equipment due to ground.

C2000 Real-time Control Gang Programmer

Reduce programming time by up to 8x with the C2000 Real-time Control Gang Programmer.

Kit Part Number Description Price Order Now
C2000 Real-time Control Gang Programmer C2000-GANG Multi-device programmer that programs up to eight C2000 Real-time Control devices at a time. The C2000 Real-time Control Gang Programmer connects to a host PC using a standard RS-232 or USB connection and provides flexible programming options that allow the user to fully customize the process. $350.00 Order Now

DIM100 controlCARD Connector

With the DIM100 contolCARD Connector, easily design the controlCARD onto any prototype

Kit Part Number Description Price Order Now
DIM100 controlCARD Connector TMDSDIM100CON5PK Package of 5 DIM100 (called DIMM 100 by DigiKey and Mouser) connectors for use with any C2000 Real-time controlCARD tools. Five connectors are Molex part number 87630-1001 or equivalent. $8.00  

Digital Motor Control Accessories

Compatible with the High Voltage PFC and Motor Control Developer's Kit

Kit Part Number Description Price Order Now
AC Induction Motor for TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT HVACIMTR The ACI Motor Kit is designed for customers looking to use the High Voltage Motor Control and PFC Developer's kit with an AC induction motor. $299.00 Order Now
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT HVPMSMMTR kit includes a PMSM motor with a built in encoder, which works with the motor control kit software right out of the box. $299.00 Order Now
Brushless DC Motor for TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT HVBLDCMTR The BLDC Motor Kit is designed for customers looking to use the High Voltage Motor Control and PFC Developer's kit with an brushless DC motor. $199.00 Order Now

Development Tools for Performance Microcontrollers

IDEs, compilers, and tool chains from TI and TI Design Network members.

Code Composer Studio™ IDE

Code Composer Studio™ is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment for TI's DSPs, microcontrollers and application processors. Code Composer Studio includes a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. It includes compilers for each of TI's device families, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, simulators and many other features. Code Composer Studio provides a single user interface taking users through each step of the application development flow. Familiar tools and interfaces allow users to get started faster than ever before and add functionality to their application thanks to sophisticated productivity tools.

Code Composer Studio Page

Download Code Composer Studio

For free versions of CCS, download the XDS100 edition (TMDSCCS-HWN01A) for free use with XDS100 emulators, or the MCU edition (TMDFCCS-MCULTD) for code-limited use with all TI MCUs.

Code Composer Studio
IDE Part Number Description XDS100 Emulator Support Trial Version Full Version
Code Composer Studio CCS-FREE Eclipse based IDE compatible with all TI MCUs and DSPs XDS100 V1
XDS100 V2
Unlimited with XDS100 emulator (32KB limit without XDS100) $445

** Not compatible with controlSUITE™ software.

Real-time Debug – Included with Code Composer Studio

Traditional debugging approaches (Stop Mode) require that programmers completely halt their system which stops all threads and prevents interrupts from being handled, which makes debugging extremely difficult if the system/application has real-time constraints. Real Time Mode debug support provides a better gauge of real-world system behavior by enabling programmers to halt and examine the application while allowing user specified time critical interrupts to be handled.

Mathworks® with Embedded Coder®

Embedded Coder® from MathWorks® generates C code from MATLAB® and Simulink® models optimized for Texas Instruments performance microcontrollers using Code Composer Studio IDE. Embedded Coder provides engineers using Model-Based Design with fine grain control of software interfaces, execution performance optimizations, and RAM/ROM memory consumption options.

Embedded Coder supports:

  • most Piccolo and Delfino MCUs
  • automated build and execution, standalone or using Simulink for tuning and logging
  • processor-optimized code generation including DMC and IQMath libraries
  • processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing with execution profiling
  • peripherals such as ADC, Digital I/O, ePWM, eQEP, eCAP, eCAN, I2C, and more
  • functional safety standards including IEC 61508 and ISO 26262
Learn more about Mathworks support on C2000 real-time control devices

PSIM® SimCoder with Embedded Target

SimCoder with F2803x or F2833x target modules from Powersim translates the control circuit from a PSIM® simulation schematic into C code compatible with Texas Instruments C2000 F2803x or F2833x microcontrollers. The generated code can be loaded and compiled with Code Composer Studio and supports on chip functions: IQMath, PWM, ADC, SCI & SPI communications, and general Digital I/O. The PSIM DSP oscilloscope utility allows for real-time debug of internal processor variables and computations, it also allows the user to update and change variable values without using the CCS watch window. Powersim has translated TI’s Digital Motor Control library into graphical control blocks that can be used in conjunction with PSIM’s extensive digital control library to simulate the control of PSIM power and motor components.

Learn more about PSIM support on C2000 processors and companion simulation schematics for TI development kits

VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer™

VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer™ lets you easily create graphical block diagrams that will simulate and generate efficient fixed and floating point C code for C28x-based microcontrollers which include C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers. VisSim has extensive support for on-chip peripherals like ADC, PWM and comparators. With automatic set-up of the main timer driven task, it includes a complete RTOS with unlimited pre-emptible tasks, simple interrupt handler creation, built-in interrupt based serial I/O queuing for SPI, UART and I2C and an external interface to hand coded data and functions. Layered on top of Code Composer, VisSim provides a complete debug environment with interactive gain change.

See more information on VisSim/ECD

Software for Performance Microcontrollers

Operating Systems support from TI and TI Design Network. Peripheral-specific and application-specific software, frameworks, and software codices

C2000 DesignDRIVE Software for Industrial Drive and Motor Control

DesignDRIVE software works with the DesignDRIVE Development Kit as a single hardware and software platform that makes it easy to develop and evaluate solutions for many industrial drive and servo topologies. DesignDRIVE offers support for a wide variety of motor types, sensing technologies, encoder standards and communications networks, as well as easy expansion to develop with industrial communications and functional safety topologies, thus enabling more comprehensive, integrated drive system solutions. Based on the real-time control architecture of TI’s C2000™ microcontrollers (MCUs), DesignDRIVE is ideal for the development of industrial inverter and servo drives used in robotics, computer numerical control machinery (CNC), elevators, materials conveyance and other industrial manufacturing applications.


designDrive logo

controlSUITE software

controlSUITE software is a one-stop shop for all software, documentation and hardware design needs for C28x-based microcontrollers, including C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers. Use the convenient graphical interface to quickly locate the support you need, whether it be example code or even hardware schematics. No need to search endless tables of software listings or navigate through complex directories on your computer. controlSUITE software makes it easy to find the software you need whether that be runtime libraries, application libraries, EVM support examples, hardware schematics or documentation.

Download controlSUITE


MotorWare software

C2000 Piccolo InstaSPIN-FOC™ technology and InstaSPIN-MOTION™ MCU technology software distribution method offers latest in C object oriented and API based coding techniques.

InstaSPIN-FOC Website
InstaSPIN-MOTION Website

Download MotorWare


SafeTI™-60730 Software Package

SafeTI-60730 design packages for functional safety include software libraries compliant to IEC 60730:2010, which can also support UL 1998:2008 and IEC 60335-1:2010 functional safety standards. Compliant libraries enable manufacturers of consumer applications systems to achieve system certification easier and faster.

SafeTI Website

Learn More about IEC60730 Software Packages


Flash Programming

The C2000 Real-time Control platform offers a large variety of on-chip flash devices. You have many different options for loading the flash memory with your software IP. Here is a list of featured flash programming tools.

Name Description Provider
UniFlash CCS Uniflash is a standalone tool used to program flash memory on TI MCUs. Uniflash has a GUI, command line, and scripting interface. CCS Uniflash is available free of charge. Texas Instruments
C2Prog C2Prog is an industrial grade flash programming tool for TI Performance and Ultra-low PowerMCUs. Rather than solely relying on JTAG as the communication interface between the programming tool and the MCU, C2Prog also supports RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP, USB and CAN (Controller Area Network). The programmer is, therefore, well suited for deployment in the field where the JTAG port is typically not accessible. codeskin


FlashPro 2000 FlashPro2000 is a USB Flash Programmer for Texas Instruments C2000 Real-time Control series MCUs (TMS320F28x) Elptronic


Provider Description
BP Microsystems BP Microsystems provides complete device programming solutions to customers worldwide. The company offers a full line of single site device programmers & Universal , and multi-site Concurrent Programming Systems.
Data I/O Data I/O provides complete device programming solutions to customers worldwide. The company offers a full line of single site device programmers & Universal , and multi-site Concurrent Programming Systems.


For software and information about C28x-based power line communications (PLC) technology, please visit our power line communications page:

Power Line Communications

CAN Solutions for C28x-based MCUs

Real-time CAN protocol support for C28x-based microcontrollers, including C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers.

Software Package Description Supported Standards
CAN ssCAN is an extreme performance hard real-time CAN device driver with low interrupt latency optimized for the C28x based microcontrollers. It supports single and multiple CAN channels across the C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers. ISO 11898-1
ISO 11898-2
ISO 11898-3
ISO 11898-5
CANopen ssCANopen is a high-performance hard real-time CANopen protocol stack supporting a data throughput of 15 Mbps. This product is optimized specifically for the C28x based microcontrollers which include C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers. CiA 301
CiA 302
CiA 303
CiA 401
CiA 455
SAE J1939 ssJ1939 is an extreme performance SAE J1939 protocol stack supporting a data throughput of 20 Mbps. This product is optimized specifically for the C28x based microcontrollers which include C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers. SAE J1939-11
SAE J1939-15
SAE J1939-21
SAE J1939-71
SAE J1939-73
SAE J1939-81
ISO 15765 ssI15765 is an extreme performance ISO 15765 protocol stack supporting a data throughput of 20 Mbps. This product is optimized specifically for the C28x based microcontrollers which include C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers. ISO 15765-2
ISO 15765-3
ISO 15765-4
ISO 14229
ISO 14230
SAE J1979
NMEA 2000 ssNMEA2000 is an extreme performance NMEA 2000 protocol stack supporting a data throughput of 20 Mbps. This product is optimized specifically for the C28x based microcontrollers which include C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers. NMEA 2000
NMEA 2000-A
NMEA 2000-B
NMEA 2000-E
IEC 61162-3

The Performance MCU portfolio consists of 32-bit microcontrollers designed for control applications within the broad embedded space. Real-time Control MCUs provide high performance closed loop control for power electronics and general feedback applications. Control + Automation MCUs provide targeted solutions for applications that require closed loop control, connectivity, and system automation. Safety MCUs are designed specifically for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards and provide performance control for broad safety critical applications.