Delfino™ 32-bit Microcontroller Series


The 32-bit Delfino™ series of C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers brings leading floating-point performance and analog integration to real-time control applications. The Delfino series of microcontrollers simplifies development and delivers high performance for demanding real-time applications. The Delfino series features the new dual-core microcontroller running at 200 MHz on each CPU and also has single-core options running up to 300 MHz.

With a high-performance core, control-optimized peripherals, integrated analog and scalable development platform, the Delfino series of microcontrollers can reduce system cost, increase system reliability and boost performance for applications such as industrial power electronics, power delivery, renewable energy and smart sensing.


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Key Features

  • Dual-core C28x at 200 MHz each
  • Floating Point Unit
  • Trigonometric math unit (TMU)
  • Viterbi Complex Unit (VCU)
  • Two programmable 32-bit floating-point real-time accelerators (CLAs) on chip
  • Up to 1 MB of Flash
  • Dual DMA controllers
  • High Resolution PWMs (down to 55ps)
  • Four 16 bit ADCs, 1 MSPS
  • 32-bit QEP and Capture modules
  • Programmable PWM Trip

Key Benefits:

  • Leading 32-bit performance for real-time control applications
  • Reduced system cost through integrated high performance analog
  • Improved application performance and efficiency

Delfino Device Series Configurations

Device SeriesMemoryADCCPU Speed
F2833x Flash Internal 150 MHz
F2837xD Flash Internal 2x200MHz
F2837xS Flash Internal 200MHz
C2834x RAM External 300 MHz

Delfino™ LaunchPad

New Delfino F28377S LaunchPad

High performance development just got cheaper with the new Delfino F28377S LaunchPad.


Scalable F28x7x MCUs

Resolver Kit Angle

Scalable C2000 MCUs: Pin and software compatible families reduce development cost.

Download (PDF 5.2MB)

The C2000 Delfino family

Which MCU is right for your design? Choose between package size, flash, clock speed, and key peripherals.

Download (PDF 705KB)

Delfino F2837xD microcontroller – industry's highest performance MCU

The new Delfino F2837xD MCU offers 800MIPS of total system performance and integrates four 16-bit ADCs in one chip.


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C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers bring the power of a digital signal processor into a microcontroller architecture. These differentiated solutions are designed for developers looking to solve tough control loop tasks without compromising on performance. Based on the industry recognized C28x CPU, C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers enable easy scalability between the Piccolo™ low-cost platform and the Delfino™ high-performance devices while making minimal changes to your software. C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers are differentiating control-based applications such as digital power, industrial drives, solar inverters, appliances, automotive and much more.