The safety microcontroller platform consists of three ARM® Cortex®-based microcontroller families: Hercules RM, Hercules TMS570 and Hercules TMS470M. Designed specifically for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 safety critical applications, the safety microcontroller platform provides advanced integrated safety features while delivering scalable performance, connectivity and memory options.

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Featured Applications

Featured Safety MCU Kits

Hercules LaunchPads

From $19.99 — The Hercules LaunchPads are a low cost way to evaluate the Hercules platform of safety microcontrollers


Hercules Development Kits

From $179 — The Hercules Development Kits (or HDKs) are ideal for getting started developing with the Hercules platform of safety microcontrollers.


Hercules Motor Control Kit

From $499 — The Hercules DRV8301 Motor Control Evaluation Kits are ideal for spinning three phase brushless DC and brushless AC (BLAC) - often referred to as permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) motors.


Hercules Software

The Hercules Software is designed to simplify and speed development of Hercules-based microcontroller applications.


What’s New in Safety

Hercules RM57Lx MCUs


Introducing Hercules RM57Lx MCUs! Developed according to the IEC-61508 functional safety standards, these are our fastest ARM® Cortex®-R5 MCUs for medical and industrial safety apps.


Hercules TMS570LC43x MCUs


The new Hercules TMS570LC43x MCUs are our fastest ARM® Cortex®-R5 automotive-qualified MCUs for transportation safety apps. They are developed according to the IEC-61508 & ISO-26262 functional safety standards.


SafeTI Design Packages

Ease certification and simplify designs for your safety critical applications!


Now Certified SafeTI Hardware Development Process

SafeTI Hardware Development Process now certified by TÜV SÜD.


Safety Videos

Safety microcontrollers are designed for safety-critical applications, providing advanced, integrated safety features while delivering scalable performance, connectivity and memory options.