Hercules RM MCUs

Hercules RM Series for Safety

The Hercules™ RM microcontroller (MCU) family enables customers to easily develop safety-critical industrial and medical applications. The Hercules RM MCU ARM® Cortex™-R based family has floating point options with up to 330MHz of performance, more than 550 DMIPS. With integrated safety features, advanced connectivity options and flexible real-time control peripherals, the Hercules RM MCU family is an ideal solution for industrial and medical applications with specific safety requirements.

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Key Features

  • Up to 330MHz, ARM Cortex-R CPU
  • Lock-Step CPUs with error detection logic
  • 384KB to 4MB of Embedded Flash
  • Ethernet, USB, CAN Network Interfaces
  • 12-bit ADC with up to 41 channels
  • Timers for PWM and input capture
  • Package options: 100QFP, 144 QFP and 337 BGA

Key Benefits

  • Architected for safety critical applications
  • ARM Cortex-R CPU (options with Floating Point)
  • Advanced connectivity options
  • Flexible real-time control peripherals
  • Robust communication interfaces
  • Development network and support

Block Diagram

Featured Applications

  • Industrial Automation
  • Safe PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • Power Generation and Distribution
  • Turbines and Windmills
  • Ventilators and Defibrillators
  • Infusion and Insulin pumps
  • Radiation therapy

SafeTI™ Design Packages

SafeTI design packages help designers meet industry standard functional safety requirements.


RM57L Hercules RM57L LaunchPad™ Development Kit

Get started today evaluating and developing the Hercules RM57L843 MCU with the Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad Development Kit.


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Products Sampling Now

  • NEW! RM57L843
    ARM Cortex-R5F Lockstep
    4MB Flash, 512KB RAM
    337BGA Package
  • RM48L952
    ARM Cortex-R4F Lockstep
    3MB Flash, 256KB RAM
    144QFP, 337BGA Package
  • RM46L852
    ARM Cortex-R4F Lockstep
    1.25MB Flash, 192KB RAM
    144QFP, 337BGA Package
  • RM42L432
    ARM Cortex-R4 Lockstep
    384KB Flash, 32KB RAM
    100QFP Package

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Safety MCUs are designed for safety-critical applications, providing advanced, integrated safety features while delivering scalable performance, connectivity and memory options.