MSP430™ ultra-low-power Microcontrollers

One platform. One ecosystem. Endless possibilities. — Enabling the connected world with innovations in ultra-low-power microcontrollers with advanced peripherals for precise sensing & measurement.

One portfolio

One portfolio

  • More than 20 years experience in MCUs with billions of units shipped
  • Broadest ultra-low-power MCU portfolio with a variety of package, memory and analog peripheral options
  • Advancing MCU technology with new peripherals: CapTIvate™ technology, smart analog combo, low-energy accelerator (LEA) and more
One ecosystem

One ecosystem

  • Common MSP430 MCU experience:
  • Thousands of software libraries, driver framework and application notes to simplify developing across MSP430 MCU families
Endless applications

Endless applications

  MSP430F1x/F2x/G2 MCUs
Fastest wake-up time
MSP430F5x/FR5x/FR2x MCUs
Best in class ultra-low-power performance
Best in class ultra-low-power performance + LCD
  C2000 Delfino TMS320F2837xS MCUs C2000 Delfino TMS320C2834x MCUs C2000 Delfino TMS320F2833x MCUs
Code compatibility
LaunchPad kit
Flash & FRAM
memory options

Flash Only