Overview for Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drivers

Comprehensive industrial and automotive BLDC drivers for sensored and sensorless motors

From single chip motor controller to gate driver that can be paired with microcontroller and MOSFETs, TI’s flexible BLDC motor drive and control portfolio enables different levels of acoustics, torque and efficiency performance ideal for industrial, automotive and functional safety applications.

Robust performance

Robust performance

High-performance power management and current sensing for seamless system integration

System Protection

System protection

Provides complete protection from the IC to the entire system

Quicker Design

Quicker design

Faster development of sensored and sensorless BLDC solutions

BLDC drivers with FETs

  • Single-chip solution, smallest board space
  • Ultra-low noise, high efficiency
  • Code-free tuning, fast time-to-market
  • Full suite of protection and diagnostics

Featured product


24-V, 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor controller

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Brushless DC gate drivers

  • Flexible input modes: 6x, 3x, & 1x PWM
  • Optional power management feature
  • Optional sense amplifiers
  • Undervoltage, overcurrent, thermal shutdown
  • Dead time control and shoot-through prevention

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60V three-phase smart gate driver with three current sense amps and integrated buck regulator

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BLDC drivers for functional safety applications

  • Developed in accordance with ISO26262
  • Integrated safety mechanisms and features
  • Safety manual and safety support
  • High-performance peripherals for precise torque control

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3-phase automotive gate driver with three current shunt amps and enhanced protection and diagnostics

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