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TI's first ARM Cortex-A15 mobile applications chip

New! OMAP5432 EVM

Exceptional processing and graphics capabilities for high-performance industrial applications.

Special Note
Support for these products is available through TI sales and TI recommended module providers and specialized third parties.

Automotive & Transportation

TI’s "Jacinto" processors, part of the OMAP™ family of processors geared for automotive infotainment, include dedicated 3D graphics accelerators and video co-processors that support full 1080p HD video playback and streaming, graphics and user interfaces to enable feature-rich automotive infotainment head units, rear-seat entertainment devices, in-dash multimedia, and radio and navigation tools.

"Jacinto" processors:
  • Provide unparalleled visual computing and entertainment capabilities.
  • Provide high-performance, low-power capabilities necessary for collecting and displaying information and multimedia in real time.
  • Support the industry's largest number of standards and codecs, including HTML5, to give automakers flexibility to upgrade vehicle features and services during an automobile's lifecycle.
  • Pair with TI’s leading analog, connectivity solutions and software ecosystem to provide system-level solutions for automotive infotainment.

"Jacinto" processors integrate peripherals and protocols necessary for infotainment applications, and TI employs a zero-DPPM strategy as part of its commitment to quality and reliability.

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Automotive & Transportation

Texas Instruments OMAP™ multicore ARM Cortex-A series applications processors power advanced capabilities in automotive and other embedded applications. Infotainment systems, thin and zero clients, human machine interface and single-board computer applications and more – no matter what you’re building, it’s made best with OMAP technology.