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Backlight LED drivers

TI's portfolio of over 100 backlight LED drivers enhances the user experience across many display sizes in personal electronics, industrial, and automotive applications. They extend battery life, reduce board space requirements and enhance the LCD screen performance through heightened dimming methods. They also improve system performance with EMI mitigation techniques, selectable switching frequency, and fault protection notification.

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Search TI’s portfolio of backlight LED drivers by the application space that each device was designed to thrive in.

Backlight LED drivers with the best features targeting the most advanced LCD applications.

  • >10,000:1 Dimming
  • ≥ 1 string of LEDs
  • I2C interface

Automotive-qualified backlight LED drivers for applications like instrument clusters, infotainment head units, and more.

  • AEC-Q100 qualified devices
  • Low EMI
  • Diagnostic intelligence

Backlight LED drivers with popular over-molded package options for easier prototyping and manufacturing.

  • Leaded SOT package options
  • Leadless SON, QFN package options
  • Wide pin pitch
  • Simple PWM control

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Search for backlight LED drivers by key features that impact display performance.

Control the backlight LED driver through an I2C digital interface to optimize performance and enhance the user experience.

  • Enables system control
  • Access to high end features
  • Enables CABC power savings
  • Verify fault status

Backlight drivers with a balance of high performance and a simple PWM interface to control dimming and on/off sequencing.

  • PWM dimming
  • 1-Wire interface [EasyScale™]
  • Component selection options for setting current and frequency

Backlight LED drivers with enough output power capability for displays requiring over 70 LEDs.

  • Support for large displays, such as TVs and monitors
  • Currents up to 400mA per channel

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