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Digital Power Supply

Texas Instruments offers the broadest portfolio of configurable and fully programmable digital and analog power solutions. The solutions provide you with the flexibility, efficiency and integration to meet your dynamic system needs and to reduce your total cost. TI's digital power solutions support many communication protocols, including PMBus, SMBus, I2C, SPI, UART and CAN.

Digital power systems by power

Chip - Digital Power Controllers


Check out our digital power portfolio and find the perfect match for your power conversion type.


Power conversion where the input is AC and output is DC.

Isolated DC/DC

DC/DC power conversion where the input and output do not share a common return.


Power conversion where the input is DC and the output is AC, these power systems may or not be isolated.

Non-isolated DC/DC (point of load)

DC/DC power conversion where the input and output share a common return and the power conversion is located near the load.


Power supply control solutions used to enable and disable the output of two or more power supplies in a defined sequence.

Hot Swap

Power and Communication control solutions that allow safe connect and disconnect regardless of the power state of the connector.

Power Conditioning / Active Power Filtering

Power Conditioning (also known as Active Power Filtering) removes harmonics from an AC power signal to improve signal quality.



Digital power systems by

Tools & software

A breadth of hardware and software tools is available to aid development and get you to market faster.

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What is digital power?

Digital Power are power applications that use digitally managed and controlled power products to provide configuration, monitoring and supervisory functions which extend to full loop control using digital hardware and software algorithms.

Digital power benefits

Higher System Efficiency

Sense line and load changes and intelligently varies the power stage operation to optimize efficiency in real time

System-Level Integration

Integrated control hardware allows for fewer, smaller devices that perform more complex functions

Greater Power Density/Faster Control Loops

Achieve faster operating frequencies and smaller components with high speed processing, feedback, and high resolution PWM control

Industry's Broadest Portfolio

Programmable and fixed-function controllers for high-performance PFC, AC/DC, and isolated DC/DC power supplies

Power Topology Flexibility

Precise waveform control no matter the topology with high resolution phase control, period control, and duty cycle control

System-Level Reliability Monitoring, and Safety

Optimize designs by collecting field power consumption data