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Products for Hot Swap Control, Protection and Monitoring

Texas Instruments hot-swap controller products are part of TI's hot-swap and power distribution protection circuit portfolio. Hot-swap controllers protect 12-V to 48-designs from unwanted inrush current, reverse current flow and other potential short-circuit events. Visit Protection Circuitry for featured solutions.

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TPS25200 : 6.5 V/2.8 A eFuse with Overvoltage Clamp

TPS2592ZA : 4.5V-18V eFuse with Blocking FET Control

TPS2592AL : 12V eFuse with Integrated Blocking FET Driver

Technical Documents   

  • AN-1304 LM5068 -48V Hot Swap Controller (Rev. A) (snva077a.HTM, 8 KB)
    06 May 2013 Abstract
  • Output Voltage Clamping Using the LM5069 Hot Swap Controller (Rev. B) (snva430b.HTM, 8 KB)
    06 May 2013 Abstract