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Overview for LCD/OLED Display Bias Solutions

TI's portfolio of LCD solutions supports display panel sizes from 1 inch to 100 inches. Products range from basic power management ICs (PMICs) supplying standard rails, such as AVDD, VGH and VGL, to more complex devices that include functions such as programmable VCOM buffers, gate-voltage shaping, programmable sequencing and I2C interfaces. The portfolio also includes level shifters for displays using gate-in-panel technology, and programmable gamma buffers for applications that need exact color reproduction. The most highly integrated products in the portfolio combine the LCD bias, level shifter and gamma buffer functions in a single device.

An extensive portfolio of LCD bias, level shifter, and programmable gamma buffer solutions. Products range from basic power management ICs (PMICs), level shifters and programmable gamma buffers to highly integrated solutions that include all these functions in one device.

High-performance AMOLED display bias solutions for amazing picture quality and high efficiency.

E-ink display solutions with low-power consumption and high efficiency for extended battery run times.

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