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Products for LED Driver

LED technologies continue to improve efficiency, lower costs and produce more light with less power. To solve the challenges that will enable the rapid growth of solid-state LED lighting, TI offers a wide variety of LED lighting solutions such as AC/DC and DC/DC LED drivers and constant-current LED regulators. For more information, visit www.ti.com/led.

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TLC5955 : 48ch, 16bit PWM LED Driver with Dot-Correction, Brightness Control, Open/Short Detection

TPS92511 : 500mA 30W Anode Capable Constant Current Buck LED Dvr

LP8555 : High-Efficiency LED Backlight Driver for Tablet PCS

Technical Documents   

  • Inductive Based Switch Reg Circuits Provide High Efficiency White LED Drives (Rev. B) (snva058b.HTM, 8 KB)
    06 May 2013 Abstract
  • AN-1696 Designing a Boost LED Driver Using the LM5022 (Rev. B) (snva282b.HTM, 8 KB)
    06 May 2013 Abstract