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TI analog LED Lighting - Illumination Power Management products are a subset of analog Analog & Mixed-Signal solutions. This page is your resource to download datasheets, application notes, order samples and use parametric search to research other Power Management-related analog solutions.

TPS92511 : 500mA 30W Anode Capable Constant Current Buck LED Dvr

TPS92561 : Phase Dimmable, Single Stage Boost Controller for LED Lighting

TPS92411 : Floating Switch for Offline AC Linear Direct Drive of LEDs with Low Ripple Current

Technical Documents   

  • Practical Feedback Loop Analysis for Current-Mode Boost Converter (slva636.HTM, 8 KB)
    07 Feb 2014 Abstract
  • Basic Calculation of a Boost Converter's Power Stage (Rev. C) (slva372c.PDF, 186 KB)
    08 Jan 2014 Download