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TI's reliable, efficient and low-cost high-voltage solutions support a wide range of chargers and adapters. They are ideal for home appliance, smart meter, and industrial power supply applications. The 700V integrated switcher solutions deliver best-in-class efficiency and standby power that meet DOE (Level VI) and CoC (tier 1 and 2) regulations. TI's high-efficiency power management controller and switcher solutions reduce energy consumption and solution size.


High Voltage Switcher for Non-isolated AC/DC Conversion


700V Flyback Switcher with Constant-Voltage Constant-Current and Primary-side Control

AC/DC flyback green mode controllers

Standby Power (typ) Power Device Integrated 700V Start-up Package Other Key Features
UCC28700/01/02/03 PSR <30mW MOSFET No SOT23-6 CVCC, Cable Compensation/ NTC
UCC28710/11/13 PSR <10mW MOSFET Yes SOIC-7 CVCC, Cable Compensation/ NTC
UCC28720 PSR <10mW Bipolar Yes SOIC-7 CVCC, Cable Compensation
UCC28722 PSR <50mW Bipolar No SOT23-6 CVCC, Cable Compensation
UCC28740 SSR <10mW MOSFET Yes SOIC-7 CC output, valley switching
UCC28630 PSR <30mW MOSFET Yes SOIC-7 10-150W, X-cap discharge, CC output
LM5023 SSR <10mW MOSFET No SOIC-8 QR control
LM5021 SSR <100mW MOSFET Yes (100V) SOIC-8 Fixed frequency
UCC28610 SSR <50mW Bipolar, MOSFET No SOIC-8 Cascode Control, Internal CS
UCC28600 SSR <100mW MOSFET No SOIC-8 QR control

AC/DC switchers with integrated MOSFET

  PSR/SSR Standby Power (typ) Topology RDSON MOSFET Frequency (max) Package
UCC28910 PSR <30mW Flyback/Buck 10.5Ω 115KHz SOIC-8
UCC28880 SSR <30mW Buck/Flyback/Buck-Boost 32Ω 60KHz SOIC-8

Secondary-side controllers

  Description Topology Package Sleep Current Turn off threshold
UCC24610 Synchronous Rectification Flyback/LLC SOIC-8, QFN-8 130µA 5mV



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  • PMP4367 - Universal AC Input 6W Adapter with Energy Star 6 Efficiency Rating
  • PMP8550 - Low Power Off-line Buck Supplies a Fixed Voltage 13V@120mA from Universal Line
  • PMP9643 – 24V offline flyback power supply for industrial rails
  • PMP4387 - AC in, 12V0.5A and 5V50mA dual-rail output for appliances power supply
  • PMP4390 - Universal AC Input 15W Adapter with Energy Star 6 Efficiency Rating

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