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Overview for Smart High-Side Switches

From headlights to taillights, and everything in between, TI’s portfolio of integrated smart high-side switches provide advanced protection and diagnostics for your automotive applications.

Use the information below to learn about smart high-side switches, find reference designs, and view the newest devices.

High accuracy current sensing

Integrated current sense accuracy enables real-time monitoring for open-load and short-to-battery detection without any calibration needed, ultimately reducing production cost and test time.

Adjustable current limit for targeted protection

Smart High-Side Switches from TI protect against Short-to-GND and short-circuit events through the flexibility to select current limit values for targeted thresholds. This also allows you to reduce PCB traces and connector sizes, lowering system costs.

Robust automotive solutions

TI’s experts have designed solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of the automotive standards:

  • AEC-Q100
  • ISO7637
  • ISO16750

Learn more about smart high-side switches

What is a smart high-side switch?

In automotive and industrial applications, designers use a switch in the power line to control energy transition to loading systems. This power switch requires low on-resistance and high voltage tolerance in order to sustain the voltage spike and current inrush during system operation. Previously, a simple MOSFET could be used for this, but as safety concerns and intelligence requirements rise, more sophisticated devices must be used to provide diagnostic and protective functions.

TI’s TPSxHxxx family of high-side switches provide a rich feature set and advanced specifications to eliminate the challenge of working with discrete components to simplify system design and speed up the design cycle.

High-side versus low-side?

Today, power switches are implemented using two topologies: high-side and low-side. A high-side switch controls applying power, while a low-side switch governs the GND connection. Adoption is shifting from low side to high side.

Why TI smart high-side switches?

TI’s portfolio of smart high-side switches provide a variety of advantages, including:

  • Ultra high accuracy current sense for easy on-state open-load detection
  • External adjustable current limit to protect against inrush current from short-to-GND
  • Industry’s highest AEC Q100-012 grade to improve system reliability 

Featured smart high-side switches

Device Channels RDS(on) Datasheet
TPS4H160-Q1 4 160 mOhm download
TPS2H160-Q1 2 160 mOhm download
TPS2H000-Q1 2 1 Ohm download
TPS4H000-Q1 4 1 Ohm download
TPS1H100-Q1 2 100 mOhm download

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