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Products for Step-Down (Buck) Module

Texas Instruments integrated step-down converter products are part of TI’s switching regulator portfolio.

The TPS82671 is the smallest fully integrated 600-mA power solution at 6.7 mm2, providing a current density of 90mA/mm2. The step-down regulator combines all external components on TI’s new MicroSiP™ package – easing design for portable electronics.

The 10-A LMZ31710 provides the industry's highest power efficiency in the smallest package, up to 50-percent smaller than similar solutions. The 10-A LMZ31710, 7-A LMZ31707 and 4-A LMZ31704 integrated power solutions are pin-to-pin compatible and combine a DC/DC converter with power MOSFETs, a shielded inductor and passives into a low-profile QFN package, providing a complete power management solution with as few as three external components.

Use the parametric search, download datasheets and application notes, order samples and evaluation modules and use TI's fast, easy-to-use SwitcherPro™ design tool to get started today.

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TPS82692 : 800-mA, High-Efficiency MicroSiP™ Step-Down Converter Module

TPS826951 : High-Efficiency MicroSiP™ Step-Down Converter Module (PROFILE <1mm)

LMZ31520 : 20A SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Module with 3.0V-14.5V Input in QFN package

Technical Documents   

  • Adjusting LMZ3 Output Voltage with LM10010/1 (snva709.HTM, 9 KB)
    11 Feb 2014 Abstract
  • Design Summary LMZ1 and LMZ2 Power Modules (snaa214.HTM, 8 KB)
    28 Jan 2014 Abstract