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Products for Supervisor and Reset IC

Texas Instruments offers more than 200 voltage supervisor and sequencing ICs. Voltage supervisors, also known as reset ICs or voltage monitors, are used to monitor system health. These devices supervise voltage rails to address several system needs such as power concerns during system power on, fault conditions, or system handshake with embedded processors. SupplyFrame

TPS3823A-33 : Supply Voltage Supervisor with Watchdog Input and Manual Reset

TPS3831A09 : Ultra-Low 150nA, Ultra-Small Voltage Supervisor

TPS3831E16 : Ultra-Low 150nA, Ultra-Small Voltage Supervisor

  • TPS386000-Q1 Pin FMEA (slva627.HTM, 8 KB)
    05 Dec 2013 Abstract
  • Using the TPS3700 as a Negative Rail Over- and Undervoltage Detector (slva600.HTM, 8 KB)
    16 Jul 2013 Abstract