Industrial Communications

TI's ARM processors feature a unique subsystem, called the Programmable-Realtime Unit Industrial Communications Subsystem (PRU-ICSS), which enables the integration of real-time industrial communications protocols and eliminates the need for an external ASIC or FPGA.

Ethernet, Fieldbus, interface, and redundancy protocols are available for the PRU-ICSS, including certified solutions for EtherCAT, Profibus, and Profinet. The PRU-ICSS is able to support multiple protocols on the same hardware using firmware supplied by TI, through the Industrial Software Development Kit, and stacks from industry partners.

Supported protocols

The Industrial Communications Subsystem (PRU-ICSS) Features:

  • One device enables multiple protocols:
    • Profibus, Profinet, Sercos, Ethernet/IP, POWERLINK, EtherCAT, and more
    • Supports Master and Slave
  • Simply change firmware to move from one protocol to the next
  • TI industrial communications solutions are fully tested, certified, and supported
  • Software available with TI’s Industrial Development Kit

TI ARM Processors supporting ICSS:

Device Family Performance Range Cores Notable Interfaces Evaluation Tool
Sitara AM572x 7000 - 10500 DMIPS 2x ARM Cortex-A15, DSP, PRU-ICSS PCIe, SATA, USB 3.0, HDMI, Display, Gb Ethernet, DCAN, QSPI, eMMC/SD, DDR3, NAND/NOR AM572x Industrial Development Kit
Sitara AM437x 750 - 2500 DMIPS ARM Cortex-A9, PRU-ICSS Camera I/F, USB 2.0, Gb Ethernet, CAN, QSPI, MMC/SD, Display + Touch Screen, DDR3, NAND/NOR AM437x Industrial Development Kit
Sitara AM335x 600 - 2000 DMIPS ARM Cortex-A8, PRU-ICSS USB 2.0, Gb Ethernet, CAN, MMC/SD, LCD + Touch Screen, DDR3, NAND/NOR AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine
OMAP-L138 412 - 501 MIPS (ARM)
Up to 3648 MIPS or 2746 MFLOPS (DSP)
ARM9, C674x DSP, PRU-ICSS USB 1.1, 10/100 Ethernet, SATA, MMC/SD, LCD, DDR2, NAND/NOR OMAP-L138 Development Kit

Getting Started Today:

Check out the TI Designs for Protocols supported on the PRU-ICSS:

Protocol Applicable Devices Applicable EVMs
EtherCAT AM335x, AM437x TMDSICE3359
Ethernet/IP AM335x TMDSICE3359
Ethernet Powerlink AM335x TMDSICE3359
BiSS C Master Interface AM335x, AM437x TMDXIDK437X
Sercos III AM335x TMDSICE3359

Download Software Packages:

Software Package Applicable Devices
SYS/BIOS Industrial Software Development Kit
PRU software support package AM335x, AM437x, OMAP-L138