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Sitara™ Processors & DSP Processors

Industry’s richest portfolio of processors and design solutions with optimized peripherals for embedded systems design.

Sitara Processors

Sitara™ ARM® Processors
Go Beyond the Core with Sitara Processors – Perfect for Sensors to Servers
  • Scalable platform of ARM® Cortex A-series-based devices
  • Unified Mainline Linux support across entire platform
  • Wide range of peripherals and connectivity options
  • World class low power
  • Real-time support with RTOS and on-chip accelerators


DSP Processors
World Leader in Digital Signal Processing
  • Industry’s fastest floating point DSP core – C66x
  • Built for real-time, deterministic processing
  • Industry-leading GFLOPS/Watt power efficiency
  • Scalable from single- to multicore
  • Easily programmable

Application Specific

Automotive Applications and Communications Equipment
Advanced ARM and DSP Processors for Automotive Applications and Communications Equipment

Scalable platforms for the embedded world

Processor SDK – one software platform to rule them all

One software platform for all processors – including LTS-based Mainline Linux and TI-RTOS. Common code base enables modular development and reuse across wide range of processors.

Built for Industrial

Designed to meet industrial requirements such as 100k power-on-hours, up to 125° C temperatures and low FIT rates. Include on-chip accelerators for deterministic communications and many common Industrial protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, IEC61850 and more.

Longevity - building processors for the long term

Used in wide range of applications with long production lifetimes such as industrial and automotive. Product life cycles typically more than 10 years, consistent with the needs of the industry.

Automotive Processors for ADAS and Infotainment

Redefining the driving experience with the most diverse and scalable portfolio of auto processors - the TDAx and "Jacinto" families. Software specifically built for ADAS and infotainment applications.

Communications Processors

High-performance, fully programmable system-on-chip (SoC) solutions with the highest LTE throughput and flexibility.