TI's ARM9 Advantage

The ARM9 processor is ideal for many real-time embedded applications with demanding size constraints and cost-sensitive considerations. The enhanced DSP extensions in the ARM9 processor remove the need for a separate DSP in the SoC design, resulting in additional savings in chip complexity, power consumption, and time-to-market. The ARM9 processor can achieve executed per clock cycle at 1.10 DMIPS/MHz.

TI's ARM9 Advantage

Power-optimized and cost-effective, TI’s ARM9 product offerings feature integrated peripherals, a broad ecosystem of tools and support resources, and a variety of third party IP available for integration.

Additional ARM9 Features Include:

  • Integrated interfaces for serial ATA, universal parallel port and more
  • Scalability with OMAP-L1x to integrate real-time data, video, audio processing
  • AM1808 eXperimenter kit and the AM1808 EVM enable fast development
  • Development tools include CAN, UART and touch-screen demos
  • Available Windows® Embedded CE and Linux operating system support

ARM9 Software Support

TI provides software components and documentation that makes ARM9 processor development quick and deployment possible. TI offers Software Development Kits (SDK) for Linux and StarterWare, TI’s no-OS platform for peripheral layer libraries, which can be downloaded free of charge and are also included in hardware evaluation modules (EVM) and development kits. SDKs for ARM9 require no royalties and offer Board Support Packages (BSPs), tools, demos, documentation and more.

ARM9 Targeted Applications

With its power- and cost-saving capabilities, TI’s ARM9 processor portfolio is a perfect fit for the needs of diverse low-power, data-intensive, embedded real-time applications. Find ARM9 processor resources such as technical documents, block diagrams, application notes, and other related information for targeted ARM9 applications.