TI's ARM Cortex-A15 Advantage

The ARM Cortex-A15 processor is proven in a range of different markets and is an increasingly popular choice in networking infrastructure, delivering high-performance processing capability combined with low power consumption. The Cortex-A15 processor delivers roughly twice the performance of the Cortex-A9 processor by achieving 3.5 DMIPS/MHz.

TI's ARM Cortex-A15 Advantage

TI’s Keystone II architecture combined with the ARM Cortex A15 processing cores equals unrivaled performance for embedded computing solutions.

The KeyStone architecture provides the flexibility to include a single or multicore mix of DSP (fixed and floating point) and ARM processors, targeted coprocessing and hardware acceleration and optimized inter-core/inter-element communication. The KeyStone architecture also includes comprehensive connectivity planes, including:

  • TeraNet to seamlessly interconnect various processing elements
  • Multicore Shared Memory Controller (MSMC) to provide direct access to on-chip memory and external double-data-rate three (DDR3) memory
  • Multicore Navigator to facilitate and manage communications and shared resources across the SoC architecture

Cortex-A15 Devices

  AM5K2E02 AM5K2E04 66AK2E05 66AK2H12 66AK2H14 66AK2L06
GHz per Core 1.25GHz – 1.4GHz 1.25GHz – 1.4GHz 1.25GHz – 1.4GHz 1.0GHz – 1.4GHz (ARM)
1.0 – 1.2 GHz (DSP)
1.0GHz – 1.4GHz (ARM)
1.0 – 1.2 GHz (DSP)
Number of ARM™
Cortex™-A15 Cores
2 4 4 4 4 2
Cortex™-A15 Cores)
9800 (@1.4GHz) 19600 (@1.4GHz) 19600 (@1.4GHz) 19600 (@1.4GHz) 19600 (@1.4GHz) 8400 (@1.2GHz)
C66x DSP Cores n/a n/a 1 8 8 4
(From C66x DSP)
n/a n/a 44.8@ 1.4GH 307.2@ 1.2GHz 307.2@ 1.2GHz 153.6@ 1.2GHz
22.4 44.8 67.2 198.4 198.4 96
L1 KB per core 32D/32P 32D/32P 32D/32P 32D/32P 32D/32P 32D/32P (ARM)
64D/64P (DSP)
L2 Shared Cache 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 1 MB
Shared SRAM 2 MB 2 MB 2 MB 6 MB 6 MB 3 MB
DDR (with ECC)
64b 1600 MHz 64b 1600 MHz 64b 1600 MHz 2x 64b 1600 MHz 2x 64b 1600 MHz 64b 1600 MHz
Gigabit Ethernet 8 lanes 8 lanes 8 lanes 4 lanes 4 lanes 4 lanes
10 Gigabit Etherne No 2 lanes 2 lanes No 2 lanes No
PCI Express Gen 2 2 lanes of x2 2 lanes of x2 2 lanes of x2 1 lanes of x2 1 lanes of x2 1 lanes of x2
Serial RapidIO No No No 1x4 or 2x2 o r4x1 1x4 or 2x2 o r4x1 No
Extended Case Temperature -40°C to
-40°C to
-40°C to
-40°C to
-40°C to
-40°C to

ARM Cortex-A15 Software Support

TI provides key runtime software components and documentation for ARM Cortex-A15 processors to ease development. Software Development Kits (SDK) for Linux can be downloaded on TI.com at no cost and are included with hardware evaluation modules (EVM) and development kits. SDKs for ARM Cortex-A15 require no royalties and include Board Support Packages (BSPs), tools, demos, documentation and more.

Linux & TI RTOS for ARM-Cortex A15 Processors

ARM Cortex-A15 Targeted Applications

TI processors bring computing performance, real-time processing, and power efficiency to diverse applications ranging from sensors to servers. What can you do with TI Processors? Look below for solutions utilizing ARM Cortex A15 (and DSP) cores.