TI's ARM® Cortex®-A9 Advantage

ARM Cortex-A9 is a high-performance processor implementing the full richness of the widely supported ARMv7-A architecture. Designed around the high efficiency, dual-issue superscalar, out-of-order, speculating dynamic length pipeline (8 – 11 stages), ARM Cortex-A9 delivers exceptional levels of performance and power efficiency with the functionality required for leading edge products across the broad range of consumer, networking, enterprise and mobile applications. The ARM Cortex-A9 processor can achieve 2.50 DMIPS/MHz.

The ARM Cortex-A9 processor delivers exceptional capabilities for less power than consumed by high performance computer platforms.

ARM Cortex-A9 Performance

Broad performance ranges for ARM solutions

  • Scalable from 300MHz – 1GHz
  • 2.5 DMIPS/MHz
  • NEON and VFP floating point engines
ARM Cortex-A8 Differentiated Peripherals

Comprehensive integration and software enablement

ARM Cortex-A8 Differentiated Peripherals

Designed with power-
and cost-sensitive
applications in mind

Robust hardware enablement for differentiated peripherals

  • Display connectivity
  • USB 2.0
  • Flexible communications interfaces

Comprehensive integration with advanced capabilities

  • Advanced 3D graphics acceleration
  • Flexible communications interfaces
  • Robust display options
  • Customer programmable secure boot option

ARM Cortex-A9 Devices

  AM4379 AM4378 AM4377 AM4376 AM4372
ARM Cortex-A9 MHz (Max.) 800/1000 800/1000 800/1000 300/800/1000 600/800
Graphics Acceleration 3D graphics 3D graphics      
Industrial Communication*
Quad-Core PRU + All Protocols Quad-Core PRU + Standard Protocols Quad-Core PRU + All Protocols Quad-Core PRU + Standard Protocols None
Security Crypto available on all AM437x devices. Secure boot option available on AM437xS devices
  Software and pin-for-pin compatible across devices

* PRU-ICSS is a programmable real-time core for industrial communication protocols.

* Standard Protocols for AM437x processors include protocols such as Ethernet/IP, PROFINET™ RT/IRT, PROFIBUS™, Sercos III, EnDat, Sigma Delta and more.

* All Protocols for AM437x processors include standard protocols plus EtherCAT® and POWERLINK