Sitara Processors go beyond the core, integrating an array of peripherals giving customers access to a robust portfolio of ARM application processors from Texas Instruments. Sitara provides 4 different product generations to choose from and is optimized with the perfect balance of integration, connectivity and performance.

  AM335x AM37x AM437x AM5K2Ex
  AM335x Cortex-A8 Processor AM37x Cortex-A8 Processor AM437x Cortex-A9 Processor AM5K2Ex Cortex-A15 Processor
Core Type ARM® Cortex®-A8 Cortex-A8 Cortex-A9 Cortex-A15 + C66x DSP
Speed (MHz) 300/600/800/1000 800/1000 800/1000 1250/1400
DMIPs Up to 2000 Up to 2000 Up to 2500 Up to 19600
Graphics SGX530 SGX530 SGX530 n/a
Operating system Linux™/Android™/Windows® CE/StarterWare/RTOS Linux™/Android™/Windows® CE/StarterWare/RTOS Linux™/Android™/Windows® CE/ RTOS Linux™/RTOS
Key Features LCD Controller, CAN, Gb EMAC switch, 2x USB w/PHY, Industrial Protocols, Touch Screen Control Lowest power, Display Subsystem, Video In/out, PoP packaging, USB Quad-Core PRU-ICSS, Display Subsystem, Dual camera, Dual ADC, QSPI, Gb EMAC switch 8xGigE switch, 2x10GigE switch, Large internal memory, high-speed DDR3
Peripherals 3D graphics, PRU, Crypto, ADC, master & slave support (PROFIBUS and others), EtherCAT® slave, Gigabit EMAC I2C, SPI, UART, MMC/SDIO Industrial slave protocols on quad-core PRU-ICSS, 2x USB w/PHY, 2x CAN, 2x McASP, 6x UART, 5x SPI, 3x I2C, HDQ, 6x PWM 2xUSB 3.0, 2xPCIe Gen2, 2xUART, 3xSPI, 3xI2C
Apps PND, Connected Home, Industrial Automation PND, Ed. Tablet, PDT Industrial automation and drive, PDT, scanners Avionics, Communications & Telecom, Defense, Software Defined Radio
Pricing Starting at $6.00 (1K) Starting at $13.75 (1K) Starting at $9.00 (1K) Starting at $85.00 (1K)
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