A revolution in sensing

Inductive sensing is a contactless, magnet-free sensing technology that can precisely measure the position, motion, or composition of a metal or conductive target as well as detect the compression, extension, or twist of a spring.

Precision sensing

Precision sensing

High resolution, dynamic range and accuracy

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Robust and reliable

Robust and reliable system

A contactless, magnet-free and temp compensation enabled solution

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Robust and reliable System

Simplified design

Flexible sensor design at a lower system solution cost

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Device # Channels Sensor freq Resolution Sampling rate Interface Supply voltage Resources
NEW: LDC2114 4 1MHz - 30MHz 12 bits 80SPS GPIOs & I2C 1.8V
LDC0851 1 300kHz-19MHz Not applicable 4kSPS Push-pull output 1.8V
LDC1612 2 1kHz-10MHz 28 bits 4kSPS I2C 3.3V
LDC1614 4 1kHz-10MHz 28 bits 4kSPS I2C 3.3V
LDC1101 1 500kHz-10MHz 24 bits 180kSPS SPI 1.8V

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