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TI has introduced the world's first multichannel inductance-to-digital converters (LDCs), delivering a combination of precision sensing and multichannel functionality that enables the design of high dynamic range position and motion sensing solutions. The new LDC1614 family joins the award-winning LDC portfolio offering two or four matched channels and up to 28-bit resolution in a single IC.


4-channel, 28-bit Inductance-to-Digital Converter with I2C for Inductive Sensing

Key advantages multichannel LDCs

  • Multiple, well-matched channels: Compensate for environmental and aging conditions
  • Precision measurement capability: Up to 28 bits of resolution
  • Wide sensor frequency range: 1 kHz to 10 MHz enable use of very small PCB coils, reducing overall sensing solution cost and size
  • Low system power: At 3.3V supply, approximately 6.9 mW consumed during standard operation and 0.12 mW in shutdown
  • High reliability: Contactless sensing technology, immune to nonconductive contaminants, such as oil, dirt and dust

Multichannel LDC family

Device # Ch Resolution
Package Order sample Download datasheet Order EVM Start a design
LDC1614 4 28 WQFN-16
LDC1612 2 28 WSON-12
LDC1314 4 12 WQFN-16
LDC1312 2 12 WSON-12

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