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Differentially Compensated and Highly Accurate Inductive Switch



4-channel, 28-bit Inductance-to-Digital Converter with I2C for Inductive Sensing



1.8V, High Resolution Inductance to Digital Converter

The LDC0851 is the industry’s first temperature-stable, differential inductive switch. It provides better than 1 percent switching accuracy, regardless of aging or variations in temperature, humidity or other factors.

Features Benefits
Temperature stable differential switch
  • Differential implementation compensates for any temperature or environmental changes
MCU-less operation
  • Simple to design for faster prototyping
  • Reduces development cost and time
<1% switching accuracy
  • Repeatable switching threshold part-to-part
  • Eliminates factory calibration for lower cost
Magnet-less operation
  • Removes magnet size and cost
Contactless & Sensitive to only conductive material
  • High reliability
  • Unaffected by dirt, dust, or other environmental factors


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LDC0851 Differentially Compensated and Highly Accurate Inductive Switch