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Android Support for TI Devices

SDK Overview | Android Community | Commercial Android Offerings | Training

Developed in association with Google, the Android Operating System offers designers of embedded applications the ability to easily add a high-level OS to their product. The Android Development Kit from TI is a complete software offering allowing developers to easily and quickly evaluate the Android OS.



Android SDK Overview:

Android has been developed and optimized for ARM processor cores. Android systems function well on ARM Cortex™-Ax cores, including on TI’s Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 Processors. The Android system is accelerated with ARM’s Advanced SIMD technology known as Neon, which can be used to enhance many operations such as codecs or graphics pixel manipulations. Sitara ARM Processors include the Neon Advanced SIMD engine.  The combination of the optimized Sitara ARM Processors with the Android operating system results in a powerful solution to address multiple markets.
  • The Android Development Kit includes:
    • Linux Kernel and Uboot/x-loader
    • 3-D Graphics OpenGL(r) Driver & Libraries
    • RowboPERF, performance benchmarking application
    • Example Applications including 3-D Graphics
    • Host tools including various debugging options
    • Complete documentation
  • TI Android SDKs are free, with no run-time royalties


Highlights of the Android OS include:
  • Complete, Open Source Software solution
  • Based upon Linux
  • Easy licensing terms for commercial development (Apache)
  • Includes a complete Application Framework
  • Allows for easy integration of customer developed Applications via Java
  • Multimedia, Graphics, and Graphical User Interface are included out of the box
  • A large community of Android and Applications developers are ready today

TI Android Community - Developers who would like to experiment with the latest Android code for TI ARM®-based Sitara devices can also visit the open source community at There, users can download the latest code as well as interact with other developers and users of the Android operating system.

Commercial Offerings - Mentor Graphics provides commercial support for Android on TI processors including training class and a variety of customization services.