Reduce download and installation time: start development immediately on Begin by using the Resource Explorer interface to quickly find all the files you need. Then, edit, build, and debug embedded applications in the cloud, using industry-leading Code Composer Studio Cloud IDE and PinMux.

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Resource Explorer – start your development here

  • Resource Explorer helps you find all the latest examples, libraries, demo applications, datasheets, and more for your chosen platform.
  • Filtering by device, or by TI LaunchPad™ Kit, the interface lets you select just the resources you need.

Since Resource Explorer is fully integrated with TI Cloud Tools, your files are imported directly into your project to get you developing with just a few clicks. A desktop version of Resource Explorer with similar intuitive navigation is included with Code Composer Studio Desktop IDE.

Launch Resource Explorer

Resource Explorer

Code Composer Studio Cloud IDE

  • Get going effortlessly with CCS Cloud to start your editing, evaluation and initial design. Simply connect your LaunchPad or SensorTag, launch CCS Cloud, and begin.
  • CCS Cloud supports Wiring API via Energia, TI-RTOS and C/C++ development

Launch CCS Cloud

Desktop IDE is always available. To access additional functionality, transition your projects seamlessly by importing code from the cloud version to the desktop version of Code Composer Studio IDE.

Code Composer Studio™ Cloud IDE


UniFlash for Cloud provides a lightweight method to load target programs to internal flash on a wide range of TI devices. Both a desktop and command line version of UniFlash is also available for the situations where internet access is not available or where a GUI is not needed.

Launch UniFlash



PinMux is now available in the cloud and offers the same features and efficiency you’ve experienced with TI's downloadable desktop PinMux tool.

Select device peripherals and generate the required pin multiplexing solution with the help of auto-solving pin multiplexing options, all while developing in CCS Cloud.

Launch PinMux


BoosterPack Checker

BoosterPack Checker allows users to easily and quickly check for pin compatibility between TI LaunchPads and BoosterPacks.

Select a TI LaunchPad and one or more BoosterPacks from the Library and get instant compatibility results of the selected combination.

Launch Boosterpack Checker

BoosterPack Checker

GUI Composer

Use GUI Composer to easily create custom HTML GUIs that can interact with the programs running on your target device.

A wide variety of different web components are provided that allow you to control the target device and display data sent from the target device. Many different types of solutions can be created with GUI Composer including simulating user interfaces, demonstration applications and test environments.

Launch GUI Composer

GUI Composer

TI Cloud Tools for easy, cloud-based development