TI Compiler support

TI has an active, responsive E2E Community, where support is available for TI Compilers, Code Composer Studio and other TI development tools and software. Additional resources, including User Guides for all TI Compilers, are also available below.

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GCC can be installed and used directly inside CCS IDE or individually.

Platform Release Stream Compiler User Guide Assembly Language Tool User Guide
ARM Latest SPNU151 spnu151 SPNU118 spnu118
16.9.0.LTS SPNU151M spnu151m SPNU118P spnu118p
15.12.0.LTS SPNU151L spnu151l SPNU118O spnu118o
MSP430 Latest SLAU132 slau132 SLAU131 slau131
16.9.0.LTS SLAU132M slau132m SLAU131M slau131m
15.12.0.LTS SLAU132L slau132l SLAU131L slau131l
C2000 Latest SPRU514 spru514 SPRU513 spru513
16.9.0.LTS SPRU514K spru514k SPRU513K spru513k
15.12.0.LTS SPRU514J spru514j SPRU513J spru513j
C55x 4.4.x n/a spru281g n/a spru280i
C6000 8.2.x SPRUI04B sprui04b SPRUI03B sprui03b
8.1.x SPRUI04A sprui04a SPRUI03A sprui03a
7.4.x n/a spru187u n/a spru186w
PRU 2.1.x n/a spruhv7a n/a spruhv6a