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Entry-level debug through full-capability development

TI Debug | TABLE: Debug Probe Selection | Video

TI Debug Probes - Four TI emulators available today support easy entry-level through full-capability development for TI processors and microcontroller platforms.

MSP-FET430UIF - MSP430 USB Debugging Interface

  • The MSP-FET430UIF is a powerful flash emulation tool to quickly begin application development on the MSP430 MCU. It includes USB debugging interface used to program and debug the MSP430 in-system through the JTAG interface or the pin saving Spy Bi-Wire (2-wire JTAG) protocol.

XDS100 - Low-cost Debug Probe

  • XDS100 class emulators are a low cost entry level JTAG debug solution. These robust and efficient USB JTAG emulation solutions support debug of a variety of TI embedded processors.

XDS200 - Price/Performance-balanced Debug Probe

  • XDS200 offers a good balance of cost and performance. It fits between the ultra low-cost XDS100 and the high performance XDS560v2 products. The XDS200 supports both traditional IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) and IEEE 1149.7 (cJTAG).

XDS560 - High Performance Debug Probe

  • XDS560v2 System Trace Emulators are the latest in the XDS560 family of high-performance debug test controllers (emulators) for TI processors. The System Trace capability aids users in understanding the synchronization and timing between cores and peripherals as well as the performance of cores and key device interfaces.

 TI invented JTAG scan-based emulation, now broadly adopted for embedded systems.

  • JTAG emulator support is integrated with CCStudio IDE and supports debugging of all TI MCUs and processors.
  • TI Design Network members provide logic analyzers, hardware testing equipment, and a wide array of emulators
    for different host I/O interfaces (USB, Ethernet, etc.)

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TI Debug Probe Selection Table

Processor Family Entry Level Recommended
MSP430™ Ultra-low Power 16-bit MCUs MSP430 Debug Interface MSP430 Debug Interface
C28x/F28x 32-bit Real-time Control MCUs XDS100 - TMDSEMU100V2U-14T XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U
F28Mx Concerto MCUs XDS100 - TMDSEMU100V2U-14T XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U
Tiva™ ARM® Cortex™-M MCUs XDS100 - TMDSEMU100V2U-ARM XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U
Hercules Safety ARM® MCUs XDS100 - TMDSEMU100V2U-14T XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U
CC25xx Low Power RF & Wireless Connectivity XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U
OMAPL1x and AM1x ARM9™ +DSP Processors XDS100 - TMDSEMU100V2U-14T XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U
C674x Multicore DSPs XDS100 - TMDSEMU100V2U-14T XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U
Sitara ARM®
Cortex-A Processors
KeyStone Multicore DSP & DSP+ARM® XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U



DM81x DaVinci
Video Processors
OMAP™ 4 and OMAP™ 5 Processors XDS200 - TMDSEMU200U XDS560 - TMDSEMU560V2STM-U/UE

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