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Linux Support for TI Devices

SDK Overview | Community Distributions |Training

Processor SDKs for AM335x and AM437x - The newly-released Processor Software Development Kit (SDK) is a next-generation unified software platform for TI's newest Processor families. It allows you to seamlessly reuse and migrate software across devices. These SDKs feature scalable Linux and TI-RTOS support, with complete board support packages, documentation, libraries, benchmarks, utilities, and code examples.





Linux EZ SDK Overview

Linux is a free and open-source software (F/OSS) operating system. TI and its partners provide a complete spectrum of Linux software and services (see: Distributions below). TI provides Linux Software Development Kits (SDK) to ensure developers an easy set up and out-of-box development experience.

The Linux EZ Software Development Kit (EZ SDK) provides developers an easy set up andquick out-of-box experience that is specific to and highlights the features of TI's Singlecore ARM,Singlecore DSP and Multicore processors. Launching demos, benchmarks and applications is asnap with the included graphical user interface. The Linux EZ SDK also allows customers to quickly start development of their own applications, and easily add them to the customizable application launcher.

  • Includes Board Support Package (BSP), Quick Start Guide, release notes, license agreements and complete software manifest
  • TI Linux SDKs are free, with no run-time royalties.
  • Example applications, middleware, encoders/decoders, and development tools, are provided for each release.
  • See information about TI's Linux Community distributions below.
  • For Tool Chain versions, check release notes for each SDK.
  • Linux Forum – For peer-to-peer support from TI engineers and our lively Linux user base, visit TI's active forums.

TI Linux Community Distributions:

  • TI's Linux Software Development Kits are developed and produced using community open source kernels, bootloaders, middleware and tools.
  • TI is committed to mainline development and support of the 3 primary components of a Linux distribution including bootloaders, the Linux kernel and file system.
  • TI is a member of the Yocto Project. See training, video, white paper and more here.
  • As a member of Linaro, TI is committed to the development and optimization of the Linux kernel and associated tools for our ARM Processors.

Developers who desire additional support or expertise can choose from TI's extensive network of Linux consulting partners. These consultants have experience with a broad range of Linux-related software development including training classes, power management, wireless LAN drivers, GUI development and much more. In addition, you can purchase a commercially supported distribution from a TI partner such as Mentor Graphics, MontaVista, Ridgerun, Timesys, or WindRiver. Whether you are a system integrator, middleware developer or application developer, our partners can assist with streamlining your development cycle to get end products to market quickly.