Software driver libraries and frameworks for TI microcontrollers


The microcontroller software development ecosystem provides both RTOS and bare metal (no OS) software. These include GUI-based peripheral configuration tools, peripheral driver libraries, and application-specific software and frameworks that simplify your software development.

Peripheral drivers and application packages provide complete resources for bare metal (no OS) support

Peripheral drivers and applications
  • TI MCU software packages provide everything needed for the hobbyist or system developer
  • Robust packages include: GUI-based peripheral configuration tools, driver libraries, and application specific libraries such as motor control or touchscreen. These are augmented with an extensive set of examples, and documentation.
  • Libraries can also be used to create RTOS drivers

TI-RTOS and other RTOS support

The TM4C, MSP430™, MSP432™, and C2000™ microcontroller families are supported by TI-RTOS and by RTOS products from the TI Design Network.

TI-RTOS – Robust real-time TI-RTOS kernel (formerly known as SysBIOS) allows developers to easily port applications between different TI MCUs running TI-RTOS, reducing development time of next-generation products. Supported features include:

  • Standard set of multitasking, power management and peripheral driver APIs
  • TCP/IP, USB, and FAT file system
  • Broad initialization and device drivers for many TI LaunchPad kits and BoosterPacks
  • Rich set of examples
  • Free and available as open source

Visit TI-RTOS: Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)


Extensive commercial RTOS support

TI Design Network product offerings include minimalistic, low footprint RTOS kernels such as Micrium µCOS/III and FreeRTOS optimized for microcontrollers.

RTOS for microcontrollers and wireless microcontrollers – platforms supported
  MSP430™ 16-bit Ultra-low Power MCUsC2000™ Real-time Control MCUsSimpleLink™ Connected MCUsTM4CHercules™ ARM®
Cortex™-R Safety MCUs
ProviderProductMSP430 MCUsC2000 MCUsCC26xx Bluetooth® low energyCC32xx Wi-Fi®CC13xx Sub-1 GHz & Dual-bandMSP432™ MCUsTM4CTMS570RM4xx
TI TI-RTOS                  
CMX Systems CMX-RTX,CMX-Tiny                  
EleSoftRom DioneOS                  
ETAS RTA-OSEK                  
Expresslogic ThreadX                  
FreeRTOS FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS                  
Keil KeilRTX                  
Mentor Graphics Nucleus+®                  
Micrium µC/OS-II, µC/OS-III                  
Micro Digital SMX®                  
Pumpkin Salvo                  
Quantum Leaps QP                  
RoweBots Unison                  
Sciopta Sciopta                  
SEGGER embOS                  
TinyOS Alliance TinyOS                  
Vector Elektrobit AUTOSAR                  
Wittenstein SafeRTOS                  

Energia for Arduino users

Rapid prototyping platform

  • Based on Arduino and Wiring framework and allows easy reuse of existing Arduino libraries
  • Multitasking support through integration with TI-RTOS
  • Includes IDE for TI devices
  • Supports most TI LaunchPad development kits and associated BoosterPacks

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