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Support & Community for Software Developers

  • Interested in all TI community activity? – Go to: TI e2e community
  • Looking for peer-to-peer support?TI Forums have thousands of active conversations with MCU, ARM and DSP users around the world. See below for some of the key Software and Tool Forums.
  • Where do I found "How To"? TI Wikis have been developed by TI product teams to collect how-to's, design input and reviews, device configurations, getting started guides, and more. Look for information by Category.

Support Forums

Development Tools


Embedded Software

  • Embedded Software Forum
  • Android Forum - Android kernel, software components, Development Kit. Android wiki.
  • BIOS Forum - BIOS real time operating system (RTOS), tools and software running on BIOS. BIOS wiki.
  • Linux Forum - Linux and embedded software including drivers and DVSDK, EZSDK and SDK running on Linux. Linux wiki.
  • Multimedia Software Codecs Forum – TI supplied multimedia encoders and decoders. Codecs wiki.
  • StarterWare Forum – Low-level software platform for TI SoCs provides no_OS IO examples and peripheral abstraction APIs for commonly used peripherals.






TI Wikis

Development Tools, Kits & Boards


Operating Systems

  • Android kernel, software components and Development Kit.
  • Linux and embedded software including drivers and DVSDK running on Linux.
  • DSP/BIOS & SYS/BIOS real time operating systems, associated tools and software.


Embedded Software



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Open Source Communities

  • Design SomethingSee TI related open source boards and projects at
  • Learn more about TI open source strategy at:
  • Explore TI partner software communities:

    • The USB-powered BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone platforms deliver laptop-like performance and expansion capabilities based on TI's ARM® Cortex™-A8 family of solutions.
    • GStreamer
      GStreamer is an open source library for building multimedia applications (media players, capture encoders, etc.).