Connectivity software stacks for TI wireless connectivity solutions


The wireless connectivity software development ecosystem provides both RTOS and bare metal (No-OS) software. These include software stacks that provide all the necessary software you need for easy application development.

Wireless connectivity software stacks

For each wireless standard, and for every MCU product line, TI provides wireless stacks, peripheral and driver libraries and software application examples that simplify designing wireless applications.

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TI-RTOS and other RTOS support

The SimpleLink™ WiFi microcontroller families are supported by TI-RTOS and by RTOS products from the TI Design Network.

TI-RTOS – Robust real-time TI-RTOS kernel (formerly known as SysBIOS) allows developers to easily port applications between different TI MCUs running TI-RTOS, reducing development time of next-generation products. Supported features include:

  • Standard set of multitasking, power management and peripheral driver APIs
  • TCP/IP networking stack with SSL option
  • Broad initialization and device drivers for many TI LaunchPad kits and booster packs
  • Rich set of examples
  • Free and available as open source

Visit TI-RTOS: Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)


Extensive commercial RTOS support

RTOS for microcontrollers and wireless microcontrollers – platforms supported
    MSP430™ 16-bit Ultra-low Power MCUs MSP432™ 32-bit Ultra-low Power MCUs C2000™ Real-time Control MCUs SimpleLink WiFI MCUs Tiva C Series ARM Hercules™ ARM®
Cortex™-R Safety MCUs
Provider Product MSP430 MCUs MSP432 MCUs C2000 CC2600 CC3200 TM4C TMS570 RM4xx
TI TI-RTOS                
CMX Systems CMX-RTX,CMX-Tiny                
EleSoftRom DioneOS                
ETAS RTA-OSEK                
Expresslogic ThreadX                
FreeRTOS FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS                
Keil KeilRTX                
Mentor Graphics Nucleus+®                
Micrium µC/OS-II, µC/OS-III                
Micro Digital SMX®                
Pumpkin Salvo                
Quantum Leaps QP                
RoweBots Unison                
Sciopta Sciopta                
SEGGER embOS                
TinyOS Alliance TinyOS                
Vector Elektrobit AUTOSAR                
Wittenstein SafeRTOS