TI accelerates autism research with University of Texas at Arlington

It's scary to know your child is demonstrating unusual behaviors or showing signs of limited cognitive development. Enter Zeno, a two-foot-tall robot with lifelike facial expressions and gestures.

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TI partners with Texas A&M on circuit-stability solution

As a graduate student, the best way to learn is to tackle a real-world problem. A Texas A&M student collaborated with TI and his professor to improve a software tool that saves engineers time and resources.

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Innovation does not just happen. It is not just a few people's responsibility, it is engrained in our culture, it is who we are.

From inside the walls of TI to universities around the globe, we are pioneering disruptive technologies. We're not afraid to ask tough questions like "why not?" and we refuse to accept the impossible.

For us, the future is now. Let's build it together.

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What is Engineering Change?

It's the spirit that drives us. It's our commitment to develop technologies that will change the lives of billions of people. It's partnering with students, recent engineering graduates and educators to imagine the world of tomorrow, today. We want those who are eager to push boundaries and refuse to accept the impossible to join us as we build a greater future than we ever could have imagined.