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SimpleLink Academy

CCS-integrated interactive training modules

SimpleLink Academy is the fastest way to begin software development on the SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2640R2F wireless MCU. It is a workshop based training for users to follow dynamic instructions and complete projects inside Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE).

Learn tasks with step-by-step teachings and interactive quizzes.

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In-person & on-demand training for wireless connectivity

Easily get started developing with how-to videos from TI Engineers

Texas Instruments provides several training options so you have all the information you need to successfully develop with our Wireless Connectivity devices.

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Tutorial videos

Community wikis and forums for Bluetooth low energy


Visit the Texas Instruments wiki for the most up-to-date technical information available.

  • Bluetooth low energy wiki – Detailed documentation to aid with any stage of design including FAQs, how-to-guides, and software examples


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