Overview for Companion Wireless Solutions

Companion wireless solutions

TI offers a broad array of companion wireless devices to extend and accelerate your IoT design.

Range Extenders

TI offers range extenders for both 2.4 GHz and Sub-1 GHz, all designed to work seamlessly with existing transceivers and wireless MCU solutions.

With options that offer integrated power amplifiers (PA), a low-noise amplifiers (LNA), switches and RF matching, you can simplifies design layout, reduces test time, improves RF performance and shrinks overall board space.

Smart RF Transceivers

Supporting a wide array of wireless technologies, including 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth® low energy, dual-mode Bluetooth, ZigBee®, Sub-1 GHz and proprietary 2.4 GHz, TI’s Smart RF Transceivers offer low-cost to high-performance RF transceivers that interface with TI’s microcontrollers (MCUs) and power management devices.