TI's SimpleLink™ wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) are the latest generation of wireless connectivity solutions, with low-power, easy-to-use devices supporting multiple standards to enable faster Internet of Things (IoT) designs. The portfolio includes the low-power embedded Wi-Fi® CC3100/CC3200 Internet-on-a chip™ solutions and the other ultra-low power wireless MCUs, a multiprotocol solution covering Bluetooth® low energy, 6LowPAN, ZigBee®, RF4CE, proprietary 2.4 GHz and Sub-1 GHz.

SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® family

SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU platform

Add Wi-Fi® connectivity to almost any application with the industry’s first Internet-on-a-chip™ solution.

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SimpleLink CC1x
  • Ultra-low power, with up to 20-year battery life
  • Long range, from full-building to city-wide RF coverage
  • Operation in 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 500 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 920 MHz ISM bands
SimpleLink CC2x
  • Lowest power performance in the industry
  • Multi-standard platforms
  • Easy to design with – ready-to-use protocol stacks, TI-RTOS, tools and reference designs
SimpleLink CC3x
  • Industry’s first Internet-on-a-chip solution with user-dedicated MCU
  • Power Wi-Fi battery-operated designs for more than a year on two AA batteries
  • Easy to use with WI-FI CERTIFIED® and regulatory certified modules available
RF430 Wireless MCUs
  • Passive battery-less operation
  • Low-power MCU core with highly integrated RF on chip with peripherals
  • 13.56 MHz NFC/RFID compliant products
CC430 Wireless MCUs
  • High analog performance/
  • Sub-1 GHz radio with high RF sensitivity and blocking
  • Flexible data rate and RF modulation formats
  • SimpleLink CC1x wireless MCUs provide ultra-low power solutions for Sub-1 GHz standards and proprietary implementations. From full-building to city-wide RF coverage, CC1x devices provide long range, high sensitivity, strong coexistence, and reliable communication for applications like home and building automation, safety and security, consumer and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • SimpleLink CC2x wireless MCUs provide solutions for 2.4 GHz standards and proprietary implementations ranging from ultra-low power wireless microcontrollers (MCU), RF transceivers and range extenders.
  • SimpleLink CC3x wireless MCUs offer the next generation of TI's embedded Wi-Fi that enables easier development of Internet of Things (IoT) designs. This internet-on-a-chip portfolio is based on the industry's first user-dedicated Wi-Fi microcontroller. These solutions are all WI-FI CERTIFIED, the modules have FCC, IC, CE and TELEC certification, and they were created to work well in low-power, battery-operated applications, which is optimal for IoT, including home and building automation, security, smart energy and industrial applications.
  • RF430 MCUs provide tight integration between the microcontroller core, peripherals, software, and NFC interface, creating true system-on-chip solutions that are easy to use.
  • CC430 MCUs bring personal and industrial wireless networking to the mass market by making RF design easy, small, performance rich and power efficient.