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Kits & Evaluation Modules

Wireless Connectivity kits and evaluation modules consist of an array of boards ranging from demo and application-specific hardware to full-feature development kits for hardware performance testing and software development.

SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack

The CC3100 BoosterPack can be used in two main ways. Connect to a TI MCU LaunchPad (software examples are provided for the MSP-EXP430F5529LP) or use the CC31XXEMUBOOST emulation board to connect it to your PC for MCU emulation.

Note: The CC31XXEMUBOOST is an advanced emulation board that is required for flashing the CC3100 BoosterPack, using the radio tool (for radio performance testing or putting the device into certification modes), and for doing networking processing logs for advanced debugging.

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PurePath™ Wireless Development Kit

CC85XXDK will let the user fully evaluate PurePath Wireless technology and the CC8520 for wireless audio applications. Audio interfaces available with the kit include S/PDIF optical + coax input/output, line input/output, headphone output and microphone input. A TLV320AIC3101 audio codec is mounted on the PurePath Wireless Audio Evaluation Board, which also has connectors compatible with other TI Codecs. CC85XXDK works with PurePath Wireless Configurator PC tool which helps designers configure and test PurePath Wireless Audio devices.

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PurePath™ Wireless Headset Development Kit

The PurePath Wireless Headset Development Kit includes all the necessary hardware to evaluate, demonstrate, prototype and develop analog input and output applications, as well as USB applications with the CC85xx. The main parts in the kit are the two CC85xx Headset boards.

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CC256xQFNEM Bluetooth/Dual-Mode Evaluation Module

TI's reference design for the CC256x Bluetooth solution is used on this evaluation module board. The CC256x Bluetooth solution can support Bluetooth classic & Bluetooth low energy or ANT. The TI CC256x Bluetooth device is a complete BR/EDR/LE HCI solution that reduces design effort and enables fast time to market for applications like cable replacement, wireless sensors, mobile device accessories, industrial control, health and fitness devices, and simple audio solutions. Based on TI's seventh-generation core, the device brings a product-proven solution that supports 4.1 dual mode (BR/EDR/LE) protocols.

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Wireless network stacks, peripheral and driver libraries and software application examples that simplify designing wireless applications.

CC3100 Software Development Kit (SDK)

The CC3100 SDK contains drivers, 25+ sample applications, and documentation needed to use the CC3100 SimpleLink Wi-Fi solution. It also contains the flash programmer, a command line tool for flashing software, configuring network and software parameters, (SSID, access point channel, network profile, etc.), system and user files (certificates, web pages etc). This SDK can be used with TI's MSP430F5529 or SimpleLink Studio for CC3100, a PC tool that allows you to do MCU emulation with CC3100. You can also use the SDK as example code for any platform.

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SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Starter

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi Starter app allows you to configure, connect, and communicate to the SimpleLink Wi-Fi devices. The app uses TI's unique SmartConfig technology, a one-step Wi-Fi setup process that allows multiple devices to connect to Wi-Fi networks quickly and efficiently. Considering applications that typically do not have a display or keyboard to enter the Wi-Fi network name and password, SmartConfig technology gives end users the ability to easily connect their SimpleLink Wi-Fi-based devices to an access point.

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Development Tools

Get started with your programming using these development tools for RF testing, configuration and code generation.

SimpleLink Studio for CC3100

SimpleLink Studio for CC3100 is a Windows-based software tool to aid in the development of embedded networking applications & software for microcontrollers. Using SimpleLink Studio for CC3100, embedded software developers can develop and test applications using any desktop IDE, such as Visual Studio or Eclipse, and connect their applications to the Cloud using the CC3100 Booster Pack. The application can then be easily ported to any microcontroller.

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Debugger and Programmer for SimpleLink™ Solutions

The CC Debugger is a small programmer and debugger for the SimpleLink™ Wireless Networking Solutions. It can be used together with IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 (version 7.51A or later) for debugging and SmartRF Flash Programmer for flash programming. The CC Debugger can also be used for controlling selected devices from SmartRF Studio.

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