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Kits & Evaluation Modules

Wireless Connectivity kits and evaluation modules consist of an array of boards ranging from demo and application-specific hardware to full-feature development kits for hardware performance testing and software development.


SimpleLink multi-standard CC2650 LaunchPad development kit

Take your LaunchPad development kit to the cloud with the SimpleLink CC2650 wireless microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPad kit! The CC2650 LaunchPad kit brings easy Bluetooth low energy connectivity to the LaunchPad kit ecosystem with the SimpleLink ultra-low power CC26xx family of devices. This LaunchPad kit also supports development for multi-protocol support for the SimpleLink multi-standard CC2650 wireless MCU and the rest of CC26xx family of products: CC2630 wireless MCU for ZigBee®/6LoWPAN and CC2640 wireless MCU for Bluetooth low energy.

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CC2650 Development Kit

SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless MCU LaunchPad development kit

The SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless MCU LaunchPad development kit is the first LaunchPad kit with a Sub-1 GHz radio, which offers long-range connectivity, combined with a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor on a single chip. The CC1310 device is a wireless MCU targeting low-power, long-range wireless applications. The CC1310 wireless MCU contains a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor that runs at 48 MHz as the main processor and a rich peripheral feature set that includes a unique ultra-low power sensor controller. This sensor controller is ideal for interfacing external sensors and for collecting analog and digital data autonomously while the rest of the system is in sleep mode.

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CC1310 Development Kit

SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy/Multi-Standard CC2650 SensorTag kit

The SensorTag IoT kit invites you to realize your cloud-connected product idea with Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee and 6LoWPAN. The SensorTag now includes 10 low-power MEMS sensors in a tiny red package. And it is expandable with DevPacks plug-in modules to make it easy to add your own sensors or actuators. The SensorTag is based on the CC2650 wireless MCU, offering 75% lower power consumption than previous Bluetooth low energy products.

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The CC3200 LaunchPad kit is a development platform for the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 solution, the industry's first single-chip programmable MCU with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The board features on-board emulation using FTDI device and includes sensors for a full out-of-the-box experience. This LaunchPad kit comes with driver support and a software development kit with 40+ applications for Wi-Fi protocols, internet applications and MCU peripheral examples.

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CC256x Bluetooth / Dual-Mode Evaluation Module

TI's reference design for CC256x Bluetooth solution is used on this evaluation module board. The CC256x Bluetooth solution can support Bluetooth classic & Bluetooth low energy or ANT. The CC256x QFN EM board is intended for evaluation purpose and works with Texas Instruments' Hardware Development Kit such as MSP-EXP430F5529 and the MSP-EXP430F5438.

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CC256x Bluetooth


Wireless network stacks, peripheral and driver libraries and software application examples that simplify designing wireless applications.


TI 15.4 Stack Software Development Kit (SDK)

TI 15.4-Stack is an 802.15.4e/g standard based Star network solution for Sub-1 GHz applications. TI 15.4-Stack software runs on TI's SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless microcontroller (MCU). TI 15.4-Stack offers several key benefits such as longer range in FCC band and better protection against in-band interference by implementing frequency hopping. It also provides customers an accelerated time to market with a complete end-to-end node-to-gateway solution.

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SimpleLink Wi-Fi Starter Pro

The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Starter Pro mobile App is a new mobile application for SimpleLink provisioning. It goes along with the embedded provisioning library and example that runs on the device side (can be found under SDKs http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100sdk and http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3200sdk). The new provisioning release is TI recommendation for Wi-Fi provisioning using SimpleLink Wi-Fi products. It implements advanced AP mode provisioning along with feedback and fallback options to ensure successful process has been accomplished. Customers can use both embedded library and the mobile library for integration to their end products.

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CC3200 Software Development Kit (SDK)

The CC3200 SDK contains drivers for the integrated programmable MCU, 40+ sample applications for Wi-Fi features, internet applications, and peripheral functions with associated documentation needed to use the solution. This SDK can be used with the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad kit. All sample applications in the SDK are supported on the integrated ARM Cortex-M4 with Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and no RTOS. In addition, some of the applications support IAR, GCC, TI RTOS, and Free RTOS.

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BLE-Stack SDK and Tools

Bluetooth low energy BLE-Stack software stack for the SimpleLink CC2640 wireless MCU and the CC2540/CC2541 devices includes all necessary software to get started on the development of single-mode Bluetooth low energy applications. With continuously updated software features, the BLE-Stack is available royalty-free to customers using the CC2640, C2540 and CC2541 Bluetooth low energy wireless MCUs and also runs on the TI CC2650 LaunchPad kit and CC2650STK SensorTag kit.

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Z-Stack™ Software Stack

Z-Stack software stack is the Texas Instruments ZigBee-compliant protocal stack for a growing portfolio of IEEE 802.15.4 products and applications. The Z-Stack software is designed for Home Automation, Lighting and Smart Energy applications.

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Development Tools

Get started with your programming using these development tools for RF testing, configuration and code generation.


SimpleLink Academy

SimpleLink Academy is the go-to place for information on devices, tools and software available within the SimpleLink portfolio. Utilizing Code Composer Studio integrated development environment, SimpleLink Academy features everything from basic examples to in-depth presentations, interactive quizzes and lab assignments to guide you through all the steps of designing with TI SimpleLink wireless MCUs. With frequently updated information, SimpleLink Academy includes lab instructions, theory of operation, interactive quizzes and support documentation to get you up to speed.

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SimpleLink Studio for CC3100

SimpleLink Studio for CC3100 is a Windows-based software tool to aid in the development of embedded networking applications & software for microcontrollers. Using SimpleLink Studio for CC3100, embedded software developers can develop and test applications using any desktop IDE, such as Visual Studio or Eclipse, and connect their applications to the Cloud using the CC3100 Booster Pack. The application can then be easily ported to any microcontroller.

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SmartRF Studio

SmartRF Studio is a Windows application that can be used to evaluate and configure most Wireless Connectivity devices from Texas Instruments. The application will help designers of RF systems to easily evaluate the RF-ICs at an early stage in the design process. It is especially useful for generation of configuration register values, for practical testing of the RF system and for finding optimized external component values. SmartRF Studio can be used both as a standalone application or together with applicable evaluation boards that are shipped in the RF-IC development kits.

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Debugger and Programmer for SimpleLink Solutions

The CC Debugger is a small programmer and debugger for the SimpleLink Wireless Networking Solutions. It can be used together with IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 (version 7.51A or later) for debugging and SmartRF Flash Programmer for flash programming. The CC Debugger can also be used for controlling selected devices from SmartRF Studio.

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Debugger and Programmer

Sensor Controller Studio

Sensor Controller Studio is a Windows application that is used to develop and debug tasks on the sensor controller integrated into the SimpleLink CC26xx/CC13xx wireless MCUs. It will help developers to quickly create applications that can run independently from the system CPU and perform simple background tasks autonomously.

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