TI's Wi-Fi® Portfolio

A dedicated leader in embedded Wi-Fi for more than 15 years – providing quality, longevity and support.


Low power

TI offers consistent cutting-edge low-power devices – enabling IoT developers easy Wi-Fi integration.



TI's single-chip security solutions help developers protect their intellectual property (IP), as well as user data and identities.



TI's flexible offerings can meet the needs for high performance, low power, Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi combo or even an integrated wireless MCU.


Fast & easy

At TI, it's more than just a device. We provide fully certified solutions and an ecosystem of support – free to our customers and readily available online.


After more than a decade of designing connected devices, TI understands the value of providing reliable solutions to our customers. We are proud to offer a wide range of flexible, stable, robust and innovative solutions to meet any design needs.

WiLink™ 8 WL 18xx   SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC31xx SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC32xx

and integration



MCU (Soc)

Wi-Fi 802.11b,g,n,a   802.11b,g,n
Host processor MPU, MCU*   MCU
Operating system Linux, RTOS*   RTOS
TP Mbps 100 Mbps   <20 MBps
Supported brands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz   2.4 GHz
Integrated Bluetooth with Wi-Fi coex yes   no
Coex with ZigBee® / 6LoWPAN yes   no
Integrated MCU no   yes
Integrated network stack TCP/IP no   yes

* Supports integration with MCU and/or using any OS through third party.