Applications for SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi®

From home and building automation, to safety and security, appliances, industrial equipment, health and fitness, or personal electronics devices, whether its battery or line operated – SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® devices are a great solution to connect any MCU-based system to the cloud.

Get inspired by TI Designs reference designs to jump start your development!


Application Description  
Bluetooth Smart to Wi-Fi IoT Gateway Reference Design The gateway connects Bluetooth® Smart devices to the Internet over Wi-Fi®. It allows Bluetooth Smart nodes to be used in home/building automation and retail environments.
SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 Smart Plug The CC3200 Smart Plug is a full system solution, which integrates within a single microcontroller (MCU) the metrology data computation, and handles all Wi-Fi communication, including connection to a cloud server.


Application Description  
Wi-Fi Enabled IoT Node with High Performance MCU Reference Design A system example to show how to build a Wi-Fi Node by integrating the TM4C1294 MCU from the TM4C product family and the CC3100 network processor. This reference design demonstrates the capability of remotely controlling MCU operation via the internet.
Isolated RS-485 to Wi-Fi Bridge with 24 VAC Power The TIDA-00486 TI Design uses Texas Instruments SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip Wireless MCU module to create a data bridge between an RS-485 network and a Wi-Fi network.
CAN to Wi-Fi Gateway Reference Design The CAN to Wi-Fi Gateway is a reference design that shows how to add Wi-Fi connectivity to a CAN network. The design provides a simple way for users to gain access to the CAN bus traffic via a web page.
UART to Wi-Fi Bridge with 24 VAC Power The TIDA-00375 TI Design uses Texas Instruments SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip Wireless MCU module to create a data bridge between existing hardware with a logic-level UART interface and a Wi-Fi network.
SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Enabled NFC Card Reader Transfer the data scanned from an NFC card to any remote location or database, in real time over Wi-Fi networks.


Application Description  
Low Cost, Small Solution Size Power Management Reference Design for CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi The TIDA-00534 reference design provides guideline and test data of a cost effective small size power solution to power the main 3.3V voltage rails of the CC3200 wireless MCU or any other noise sensitive system from a 5V voltage source
WI-FI Power Strip/Energy Monitor Reference Design A remote user can monitor the electricity consumption of the loads plugged into each of the three outlets and control a relay to switch power on/off. Smart power strips require connectivity to maximize their role in improving energy efficiency for applications such as data centers.


Application Description  
SimpleLink Wi-Fi Connectivity in a Smart Electric Meter The e-meter SoC is used to perform all metrology functions and control the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi transceiver. The smart meter data can then be displayed on any Wi-Fi connected device via a standard web browser.
Wi-Fi Camera Application for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad This SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad & Camera BoosterPack based design enables the capture, remote control and transmission of JPEG (VGA or QVGA) images via Wi-Fi.
SimpleLink Wi-Fi Antenna Selection The user can select the best antenna to use, based on the signal strength of the connection with a specific access point, out of two sets of orthogonal on board antennas
Smart Plug with Remote Disconnect and Wi-Fi Connectivity This design implements single-outlet energy measurement with remote connect/disconnect capability and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Application for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad Enables the capture, streaming and playback of audio from a digital microphone or a stereo/mono audio jack to another Wi-Fi enabled device.